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Bigg Boss OTT 2, Day 24 Written Updates: Cyrus Broacha Makes Shocking Exit | television news

New Delhi: The fresh episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 had undercurrents of changed relationships inside the house. But the spotlight remained on the unexpected exit of Cyrus Broacha. Bigg Boss informed the star that on ‘humanitarian grounds’ he has been granted the permission to leave the house as requested by his family citing an ongoing ‘medical emergency’. Hearing the news, Bebika sobbed, and Manisha craved for a goodbye hug.

We also saw how Abhishek Malhan aka ‘Fukra Insaan’ felt homesick, and he ended up crying hard. To his rescue, Cyrus, Avinash and Jad comfort him.

Playing cupid, Bebika was seen formulating Jiya’s ‘love angle’ with Abhishek. On the same love line, Falak said that Abhishek has mushy feelings for Manisha Rani. In a private conversation with Manisha, Bebika accuses her of having a soft corner for Abhishek. The discussion was left open-ended with a lingering thought – Will Jiya and Abhishek end up together?


To be literally enjoyed with popcorn, Bigg Boss gave an activity which featured a well-decorated table with scrumptious cupcakes, burgers, colorful drinks, etc. On judging the ‘heaviness’ of the house, Abhishek and Pooja discuss how Falak has ‘fired up’ both from the inside and outside.

During the conversation, Pooja dismissed Abhishek’s ‘tough guy looks’ and got him acquainted with his vulnerable side. Unexpectedly, Pooja revealed that she is missing her father, Mahesh Bhatt, and even said that the opinion of the world doesn’t really matter to her in front of her father’s direction.

Once solid as a rock, Jiya and Avinash ran into a bitter disagreement. During the activity, Jiya termed Pooja’s action of pressing the buzzer as ‘revengeful’ when Avinash was dining with Falak and Cyrus. Terming the day as action-packed, Jiya couldn’t take it anymore and cried eventually with Abhishek on her side.

With Cyrus gone and apparently modified relationships in the house, future episodes are surely going to be rich in drama.

Stay tuned for regular updates on Bigg Boss OTT 2

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