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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 52 Written Updates: Uorfi Javed Enters The House And Calls Jiya’s Affection For Abhishek ‘Fake’ | Television News

New Delhi: The day starts with a serious discussion between Pooja Bhatt and Bebika about who will leave the house, Manisha Rani or Jiya Shankar. Manisha on the other hand, Manisha thinks that Jiya is upset as she was sure Abhishek will save her from nominations. Abhishek accepts that Elvish Yadav is more famous than him but his contribution to the house is zero as he never speaks up until it is about him. Manisha even apologises to Elvish for her comments about his girlfriend. 

Internet sensation Uorfi Javed enters the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house and brings her energy to the house. The starlet enters wearing an outfit made out of recycled goods and compliments everyone. Uorfi feels nostalgic as she enters the house and says this season’s theme is inspired by her ‘recycled’ idea. 

Uorfi helps housemates with their finale outfits but the twist is, they have to design them in her style! Pooja heaps praises for Uorfi’s audacity and guts for her fashion. Abhishek on the other hand, tells Elvish that he made a video on Uorfi’s fashion outfits, not a roast but a reaction video and he does not want it to come up. 

Uorfi would make an outfit of needles for Bebika as she poked many in the house. Jiya gets ‘thali ka baingan’ from Uorfi, she would make a brinjal outfit for the actress. Uorfi also says that Jiya and Abhishek’s love angel seems very fake, everyone agrees. 

Uorfi shares her journey from being in the BB OTT house to today, where she is. Jokingly Uorfi takes a dig at Abhishek’s video on her, and he shyly laughs. A fun banter goes on between Uorfi and the housemates. Also, Uorfi talks about the times when the trolling made her stop going out. She recalls the time when she isolated herself because of all that people said. 

Bebika reads Uorfi’s palm and says her ‘dil ka maamla is gadbad…’ Also, says that her career will flourish at all and she will take a break of 10-15 years after her marriage. 

After Uorfi exits, Elvish takes a dig at Jiya’s diplomacy. Manisha and Abhishek discuss Pooja Bhatt and her game! Jiya then discusses with Abhishek how she is feeling bad since Weekend Ka Vaar as she finally played the game and everyone now has a problem. 

Everyone jokes about Bebika sitting in Abhishek’s lap and wants the YouTuber to release a song on that. Later, Elvish confronts Manisha at last night’s event in front of Jiya. Rani ends up in tears after this as her intentions were pure and he took it the wrong way. Manisha is upset as Elvish is telling the story to everybody, the Youtuber is now very upset with Manisha’s reaction. 

Jiya hugs Manisha as she cries, and Abhishek jokes about their rollercoaster bond. Elvish on the other hand blabbers about Manisha’s tantrums. Abhishek clears the air between Elvish and Manisha Rani, tells the YouTuber where he did wrong. 

The day ends with a fun banter between Abhishek, Elvish, and Bebika. Pooja and Abhishek get into a lovely conversation, PB kisses the YouTuber as he says that he wants her or Mahesh Bhatt’s aura when he turns 40. 

Manisha offers a peace offering as she makes kheer and gives it to Elvish. 

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