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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 53 Written Updates: Food Vloggers Enter The House To Fulfill Housemate’s Cravings | Television News

New Delhi: Day 53 starts with a fun banter between Abhishek, Elvish, and Bebika. Also, the two frenemies from the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, Abhishek and Bebika were seen discussing love and relationships. Manisha and Abhishek discuss Elvish’s behaviour, on the other hand, Pooja Bhatt applauds Abhishek and is touched by what he said to her last night, gets overwhelmed. 

During a casual and light-hearted conversation with Pooja, Manisha, and Abhishek, Bebika opened up about her past experience in an abusive relationship. As she was recounting her story, Bebika perceived that Abhishek was passing judgment and mocking her, leading to a surge of upset emotions. Consequently, her feelings intensified, and she directed her fury toward Abhishek, resulting in a heated argument between the two. 

Bigg Boss took an unexpected turn as it announced a day filled with food vloggers entering the house to capture the essence of the Bigg Boss OTT experience. Leading the lineup was none other than Kunal Vijaykar, who brought an infectious aura of positivity and cheer as he stepped into the Bigg Boss OTT house. Kunal’s purpose was clear – to dive into vlogging within the intriguing confines of the Bigg Boss OTT premises. Kunal Vijaykar has brought along a selection of scrumptious delicacies for the housemates. 


In a candid and direct conversation, Manisha Rani addressed Elvish about her feelings towards him, making it clear that she sees him only as a friend and nothing more. Sensing Elvish’s discomfort with her flirtatious behavior, she took the initiative to engage in a conversation to dispel any misunderstandings. Manisha elaborated on her intentions, assuring Elvish that her interactions were merely in good fun and not meant to offend him or make light of his relationship with his girlfriend. The sincere conversation aimed to create an understanding between them and maintain a respectful dynamic moving forward.

She also clarified that when she said, ‘If your girlfriend doesn’t understand my flirting, then she’s mad,’ she meant that his girlfriend would recognize it as harmless flirting, and she trusts her to not misconstrue it. Manisha became upset because she believed Elvish should not have confronted her in front of Jiya, and furthermore, he didn’t attempt to alleviate her feelings afterward!!

Following the engaging and Chaatful segment with Kunal Vijaykar, the effervescent Devashree Sanghvi, known as The Crazy Indian Foodie, graced the Bigg Boss OTT house with her captivating presence. Her arrival brought forth an air of positivity and cheer, infusing the environment with vibrant energy. Devashree embarked on a vlogging adventure, capturing the process of creating delectable desserts for the housemates, aligning perfectly with her passion for culinary exploration.

Her entry signifies a day filled with indulgence, camaraderie, and the thrill of witnessing talented food creators at work, making it a moment not to be missed.

In an exciting development, Bigg Boss revealed a special day dedicated to welcoming food content creators into the house, offering a unique opportunity to capture life within the Bigg Boss walls from a culinary perspective. Following the engaging Chaatty segment with Kunal Vijaykar and the delightful dessert creations by The Crazy Indian Foodie, it was now Saloni Kukreja’s turn to grace the Bigg Boss OTT house with her presence. Her arrival brought a breath of fresh air, exuding a stylish and fashionable energy that added a new dimension to the house atmosphere.

Saloni’s entry was marked by a distinct air of sophistication and positivity, leaving an immediate impact on the environment. Her charisma and cheerfulness were palpable as she embarked on her vlogging journey within the Bigg Boss premises. Demonstrating her culinary prowess, Saloni engaged in crafting a mouthwatering dish – Cheese Chilli Garlic Bread – for the eager contestants.

Abhishek and Elvish play with Manisha’s poster, the fun banter creates a riot of laughter in the house. The banter again leads to Bebika walking out angrily and complaining to PB. Abhishek then asks Jiya why is she still hanging out with him when now nominations are over, Jiya then says that he has used her as ‘I have given you the captaincy, have saved you from nominations.’

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