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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates: RJ Mahavesh Enters House, Asks Tough Questions With 5 Finalists | Television News

New Delhi: The episode kicks off with a fun and romantic song, ‘Apun Bola’ and contestants begin their dance session as usual. Manisha Rani, Bebika Dhurve grrove to the song in garden area, playfully teasing Elvish Yadav. Bebika expresses feeling like she’s played the game alone, while Pooja reminds her of the support from Cyrus Broacha and Avinash Sachdev.

Abhishek discusses the pros and cons of being a wildcard contestant with Elvish. The two are having quite some differences spoken about in open now that the show inches towards the finale. Elvish and Abhishek got into a bit of an argument because Elvish vented it to Pooja that he felt bad about Abhishek saying that he would not consider Elvish a winner considering he was a wild card entry. 

Abhishek expresses that what matters is that even if he does not win, he will lend his full supoort to Elvish and Manisha in the game. 

Abhishek and Bebika in conversation spoke about the fact that if people geninely think he deserves to win, he should be the winner. But if he does not win, he will have no negative feelings about his friends but there will always be that thought at the back of his mind that ‘he deserved to win’.

Pooja Bhatt clarify a misunderstanding with Abhishek Malhan and also open up a little more about her financial struggles. When Abhishek said that he did not like when she called them ‘chote log’, Pooja clarified that by ‘choti soch’, she meant that people with narrow minded thinking. She also said that if she had meant position then she would have been the lowest of all.


RJ Mahavash enters the house and hosts a talk show with the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. She first calls Bebika on the Radio Bigg Boss and asks her about her journey. Bebika says that she had ups and downs in the journey and she sees herself as an under dog. She says everyone around her were quite popular and had a strong fan base. Then she talks about the most emotional day in the house which was when Cyrus left the house. She considers Cyrus and Pooja as her family members. She chooses Manisha as the least deserving contestant because of her convenience based friendships, back bitching and flip nature. 

The next person RJ calls is Manisha and asks her about her journey. Manisha says she is unique and she is happy about fulfilling her own dream of being a part of the Bigg Boss game. She will miss Abhishek and Elvish the most. She takes Bebika‘s name for being a flipper and king among the blinds. She takes Pooja‘s name for the least deserving contestant. She also talks about Pooja’s aura. Manisha’s most memorable moments were meeting Salman Khan, Neha Kakkar, and her father in the house. She dedicates a song to Pooja.

Elvish is the next contestant to be seated. He feels that he is deserving in spite of being a wildcard. The most emotional moment for him in the Bigg Boss house was when he missed his mother. He was emotional when he saw his mother on the video call. Elvish feels that Bebika is the least deserving while Abhishek is the most deserving contestant. He gives the title of Khalyanak and Ek tha villain to Bebika, Ek tha tiger to Abhishek, Hero no 1 to himself, and Ajnabee tag to Manisha. 

The next one to come on the seat is Pooja. Pooja remembers her most memorable day which was when she defeated Abhishek and Elvish in the counting game due to which she and Bebika entered the Finale. She regrets using foul language during a fight with Jiah. She will miss Manisha and Elvish the most after the show is over. She takes Bebika‘s name for putting herself in trouble. She thinks Manisha puts oil in the fire and Bebika has troubled her the most. 

Abhishek takes the seat and talks about his journey. He said that the journey was quite special since he got to experience all kinds of emotions in a span of two months. He thinks he might be looked upon as a villain in the outside world and he takes three names as his top three- Elvish, himself, and Manisha. He feels Pooja is the least deserving in the show to which Pooja does not agree.

Abhishek regrets losing his cool during a fight with Avinash in the final task. He thinks Elvish or Manisha can win the game if it’s not him. Elvish chose Abhishek as the final winner over him but Abhishek chose himself. He dedicates all the tags to Bebika. RJ gives bad news to the contestants that the top three will be decided today and the least-voted contestants will be evicted today. Bebika and Elvish are to be evicted but later Bigg Boss reveals it to be a prank.

Bigg Boss sends a letter to the house which reads that everyone has to enter the activity area for the surprise. The contestants will enter one by one, pose with the surprise, and come out with it. It happens to be a packet of chips by Too Yum. The next letter informs them about a new task which will have two teams- Abhishek and Elvish, Bebika and Manisha, Pooja being the judge. The two teams have to prepare a jingle for the product with a few given phrases and the winning team is that of Abhishek and Elvish.

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