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Bigg Boss OTT 2, Weekend Ka Vaar Written Updates: Season Extended For Two Weeks, Salman Khan Schools Avinash And Falaq | television news

New Delhi: Today is the Weekend ka Vaar wherein Salman Khan gets into a conversation with the housemates and discusses the happenings of the entire week. Salman Khan mentions how this season of BB OTT has really become an OTT-worthy season with so many twists and turns. The situation and equation between the housemates are more unpredictable than the rains of Bombay and he talks about the new equation in the house- between Falaq and Avinash. They are seen laughing together, having a meal and they are later seen having a conversation in which Avinash expresses how he likes Falaq and he wanted to tell her in case he gets evicted this weekend to which Falaq replies that she is not prepared for anything for now and she wants to maintain the friendship.

Jad and Jiya are extremely happy that Avinash finally confessed his feelings. Cyrus asks Bebika if she is friends with Abhishek to which she replies that she can never be friends with such a person. Abhishek and Avinash have a conversation where Abhishek says that Jad’s words and actions should not be criticized to this level and he advises Avinash to take a stand for Jad. Jad also enters the conversation and says that he feels attacked and insulted by Pooja. In the kitchen, Pooja asks Bebika to play like a lone wolf without letting the game affect her.

In a new task, housemates have to decide on two names who are fence-sitters. Falaq gets into an argument with Abhishek and Manisha when they took her name. After various arguments and a lot of discussions, the two names that have been decided by the housemates are Cyrus and Manisha. Jad goes to Pooja and tries to make amends with her. Avinash and Bebika get into an argument where she points out that she should not be this self-obsessed and should try to understand others’ and the audience’s opinions as well.

They are seen screaming and calling duffer to each other. Manisha makes it clear to Bebika that she isn’t trying to play safe. The only friend she has here is Abhishek and she shouldn’t be called a fence-sitter just because she doesn’t attack people personally. The entire house gets into a fight wherein they are justifying why their names shouldn’t be taken in this task. Jad hugs Pooja and she says that now he has to earn the hugs.


Salman Khan feels these names decided during the task are not fair. Salman talks to Cyrus and Pooja and asks the meaning of stand man and fence sitter. Salman makes it clear that Manisha is not a fence sitter but a stand man and he then asks who all think Avinash has made progress in his game. Salman removes Cyrus and Manisha from the seats given to them during the task and makes Avinash and Falaq take that seat. He asks Pooja why have they been given the seats and Pooja feels that Falaq doesn’t express her opinions in public but only individually.

Then Salman asks Jad how many times has he apologized in the last week to which he replies “Almost 7 times since the last 7 days”. Salman talks to Jad and Bebika about their fight and asks Bebika to move on and let time makes things easier. for her. Salman asks her to change her behavior and way of talking. He mentions that Pooja and Bebika have been vocal about their feelings towards Jad but Avinash and Falaq aren’t being honest with him and they didn’t take a stand for him. . Salman makes it clear to the people about the behavior of the two in the last week and mentions how Avinash has no clear stand. Salman tells Avinash to not confuse people because he is not clear in his head. In the same conversation, Pooja mentions that Jad and Pooja could have cleared their differences in 5 minutes like today but the whole thing got delayed due to the middlemen to which Salman agrees.

Then Salman mentions why Falaq is a fence sitter and explains her stand during the chair task performed by Jiah where Falaq had told Jiah to get up only for Avinash and Falaq. Salman makes it clear how she was supporting Jiah on one side but asked her to leave the chair for her on the other thus being unclear so as to what needs to be done in a task.

Salman then calls Shafaq, Falaq’s sister on the show, and asks her opinion about the show. Shafaq tells that the energy of the show is low in general and no passion can be seen in the contestants. Shafaq tells her sister that she seems lost in the house and she shouldn’t be scared of anything. She asks Falaq to stop being conscious. Falaq expresses that she can’t scream in the house like others to which her sister replies that the voice doesn’t matter but the point of view does. Salman also mentions that every other contestant takes a stand except Avinash and Falaq. They are only seen in a corner dissecting the fights and situations in the house.

Salman explains to the housemates how they are being seen in the outside world and he also mentions that the show has been extended for 2 weeks. Salman shows a video where Cyrus is seen talking to Bigg Boss and asking him to let him out of the house since he’s not well and he can’t live in the house. He is seen talking to different contestants wherein he is seen expressing the same thing that he doesn’t want to live here anymore. He also feels that Bigg Boss is not responding to him. Bigg Boss makes an announcement and tells that Cyrus was seen talking in code language to the camera and then he was called to the confession room.

In the confession room, Cyrus mentioned that he thought he would be out of the house in three weeks as per the contract but there was no such thing mentioned in the contract. Bigg Boss also mentions that the show makers are not being ignorant of Cyrus’ health and they will never use the health issues of a contestant for their content.

Salman then talks to Cyrus and asks him what’s going on to which Cyrus mentions all his troubles related to food and sleep. Salman makes Cyrus understand that the whole nation loves watching him on the show to which Cyrus replies that he is just like a dead soul who’s not contributing to the show. Salman then calls Cyrus’s friend Kunal on the stage to support and motivate him. Cyrus explains his health issues and how mentally tired he is. The audience will get entertained watching the fun banter between Cyrus and his friends. Salman and Kunal try to motivate Cyrus at this point but they don’t seem to succeed. Salman makes it clear that Cyrus cannot walk out of the show as per his wishes and needs to take care of himself mentally and physically.

Salman also asks Cyrus to stop being stubborn and not behave like a child since the conversation is not headed towards any decision. Salman feels that Cyrus is disrespecting the show and blaming them so he can only walk out of the show if he is ready to pay the mentioned amount in the contract.

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