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Blind Movie Review, Blind Movie Review: Sonam Kapoor’s crime-thriller ‘Blind’ lacks thrills – sonam kapoor starrer film blind movie review

Actor:Sonam Kapoor, Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, Lillet Dubey, Shubham Saraf, Danesh Rajvi
Director: Shom Makhija
Series: Hindi, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Time: 2 hours 4 minutes
Rating: 2.5/5

Sonam Kapoor is returning to the silver screen with the film ‘Blind’ after the birth of her son. Sonam Kapoor’s Hindi adaptation of the 2011 Korean-language film ‘Blind’. Several Hindi films have been made from Korean films, including Zinda, Awarapan, Radhe, Barfi, Bharat, Ek Villain, Jazba, Dhamaka etc. Many of these films ran while many flopped. Sonam Kapoor is making her OTT debut and is returning to the silver screen after four years. She is seen in the role of an action blind girl in this film. However, in this crime thriller, the mystery and thrills are divided into pieces.

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The story of the film revolves around Jiya (Sonam Kapoor), a brave and skilled police officer in Scotland. Raised in an orphanage, Jia takes home her adopted brother from a pub because he was wasting his time studying. As he does not run away, he is handcuffed. But then a tragedy happens and Jia loses her brother and becomes blind herself. He is also fired for misusing police powers for his brother.


A fight between Jia and the serial killer

Jia holds herself responsible for her brother’s death. Meanwhile, reports of the girl’s disappearance start pouring in from the city. One night when Jia takes a lift in a car, she realizes that there is someone in the cockpit of the cab driver’s (Poorab Kohli) car. The next day news comes that one more girl has gone missing from the city. He suspects the cab driver. He along with a police officer (Vinay Pathak) starts searching for evidence. The cab driver is a psychopath, who kidnaps girls and tortures them mentally and physically. He realizes that Jia has fallen back to catch him. Now he wants to make Jia his victim and this is where the deadly game begins.

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Sujoy Ghosh, who has a good handle on crime-thriller films, is the producer of this film, so it is natural to expect from him. However, director Shome Makhija has failed to hold the audience. The storyline of the film is awesome. It is not wrong to expect fear and dread when a psycho killer tries to prey on a lonely girl but the director cannot sustain that feeling. The story of the film moves at a decent pace in the first half but gets sluggish later on. The film lacks the thriller element. This is why even a two-hour film feels long. The writing of the character has also remained raw. There is no back story as to why the psychopath Purab Kohli becomes a serial killer. The editing needed to be a little tighter. However, Gairik Sarkar’s cinematography is good. The climax is predictable.


Sonam Kapoor has tried everything to breathe life into her character. She has done a good job in the role of Prajnachakshu policeman. He has handled the action scenes with skill. Purab Kohli will stun in the role of a psycho killer. At times he also looks scary but his character is not developed properly. Actors like Vinay Pathak and Lilte Dubey have not had much to do. The supporting cast is also fine.

Why watch?

If you are fond of crime-thriller, you can watch this movie.

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