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Bollywood actor Manoj Pahwa’s struggle story, what made a name in the industry amidst difficulties? – struggle and success story of well known bollywood actor manoj pahwa

Manoj Pahwa Struggle Story: Bollywood actor Manoj Pahwa, whom you may have seen in many movies and TV serials. He has left a tremendous impression of his strong acting in films and TV serials. Now he will be seen with Ayushmann Khurrana in the movie ‘Anek’ directed by Anubhav Sinha. In this film, he is playing the role of an officer. Today, where people are praising his acting, there was a time when he was ridiculed for his body. In an interview, the actor revealed what people were saying to him when he weighed 110 kg. Let me tell you, Manoj Pahwa has worked in the TV industry for 15 years, and now he wants to do serious roles in films, not comedy.

In an exclusive interview with India Today, Manoj Pahwa mentioned the time when he left his home to become an actor. He weighed 110 kg at the time, and his relatives were making fun of him. His body was considered shameful. Manoj said, “When I was 30, I left my father’s business and moved to Mumbai with the intention of becoming an actor. By this time I was married and had two children. It was the responsibility of the family at that time. Relatives were saying, “Someone has cast a spell on me, and I weigh 110 kg, and I want to be an actor from above.” However, all these things did not bother him. He was convinced that he would do something.

While Manoj Pahwa worked in TV for 15 years
Manoj Pahwa further said that when he came into the industry, the tide of TV was as strong at that time as the web series of today. The TV was running well at the time. There were many types of shows. We just wanted to do a good job at the time. Never thought that only movies have to be done. Manoj Pahwa was never scared of doing TV, but when he started doing films, he was definitely upset. “To be honest, I have never faced any problem since I came to Mumbai. But yes I had some friends who told me not to watch TV. Because there are some tycasts that I have to deal with. That being said, you will be overexposed to the TV. But this did not matter to me. I did TV for 15 years and also did some movies. I also got offers for some common comedy type ‘Hero Ka Dost’. But I also rejected many films. However I was happy with my work. But when the concept of Daily Soap came along, I started doing films and commercials. He also did films like ‘Wanted’ and ‘Singh Is King’.

Manoj Pahwa was disturbed by comedy roles
According to the actor, “Every role I was getting was a comedy. It bothered me. That is, something different and better was not found. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. But when I got an offer of ‘Article 15’, ‘Let the heart beat’, ‘Mulk’, I saw a change. Anubhav Sinha told me that when they were offering me Mulk, they suspected me. Because, I was a comedian, and his team was afraid that I would be able to do a serious role. But he took a chance and look. I got the Best Actor award for the negative role in Article 15 ‘.

Upcoming films of Manoj Pahwa
As for Manoj Pahwa’s work front, he made his film debut in 1996 with Tere Mere Sapne. He is currently shooting for the film ‘Bawal’ in Lucknow. The film is being directed by Nitesh Tiwari. It will feature Varun Dhawan and Janvi Kapoor.

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