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Boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani is not ready to marry Rakhi Sawant! Troubled by the suspicious nature of the actress! – Adil Khan Durrani is not ready to marry Rakhi Sawant because she is insecure

Actress Rakhi Sawant, known as the controversy queen, is currently in the news due to her relationship with boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi and Adil keep sharing romantic pictures on social media. Even when in front of the media, they are seen joking around and expressing their love for each other. However, conflicts also occur between people who love. The same has happened between Adil-Rakhi. Recently, in an interview, Adil revealed that Rakhi Sawant doubts him.

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Why is Adil not ready to marry Rakhi?

In an interview given to an entertainment portal, Adil has openly talked about marrying Rakhi. Adil has said that they will not get married until Rakhi is sure about it. ‘Rakhi doubts me. He thinks I’m still talking to my ex-girlfriend. Whenever I go to my hometown in Mysore, Rakhi sends spies after me. He sends people after me to find out what I am doing. Now Rakhi is so insecure about me even before marriage, then after marriage the relationship may deteriorate. That is why I am avoiding marriage with Rakhi. Until the doubts and insecurities in Rakhi’s mind are removed, I will not marry her,’ said Adil.

Rakhi wants to marry Adil

However, Rakhi Sawant is desperate to marry Adil. Rakhi Sawant considers Salman Khan as her brother. Rakhi has expressed his wish that Salman should talk about marriage with Adil’s parents. Rakhi Sawant was last seen in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. Rakhi Sawant was seen with her ex-husband Ritesh in the reality show. However, the two parted ways after the show ended. Rakhi started dating Adil just a few months after breaking up with Ritesh.

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Adil-Rakhi are in a relationship for five months

About five months ago, Rakhi Sawant introduced Adil as her boyfriend to the media. After which some videos and photographs of both went viral on social media. Both also gave some interviews together. According to Rakhi’s claim, Adil has even taken her home in Dubai. Also BMW car has been given as a gift. Rakhi and Adil also visit Dubai frequently. They are also seen together at programs and events. Recently, Rakhi Sawant and Adil were also seen together in a music video.

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