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Charu Asopa Ex-Boyfriend Neeraj Malaviya What did Ex-Boyfriend Neeraj Malaviya say on Charu Asopa’s ongoing marital discord? – Charu Asopa ex boyfriend Neeraj Malaviya reacts to her married life issues

TV actress Charu Asopa (Charu Asopa) and Rajeev Sen’s (Rajeev Sen) marriage dispute is currently a topic of discussion. Charu and Rajeev, who got married in June 2019, are parents to one-year-old daughter Zeana. Their marriage is on the verge of breaking up. Differences started between the two from the first month of marriage. Which gradually increased and now they are accusing each other. While Charu has accused Rajiv of cheating, Rajiv has also claimed to have an affair with actor Karan Mehra. The actress’s ex-boyfriend Neeraj Malviya has now reacted to the controversy going on between Charu and Rajeev.

Charu was earlier engaged to her ‘Mere Angane Mein’ co-actor Neeraj Malviya. The two got engaged five years ago but called it off in November 2017. Recently, our associate ETimes TV spoke to Neeraj about the upheaval in Charu’s life. He then said, “I don’t want to relive the past. There will be problems in Charu’s marriage but I don’t know much about it. I will only wish him well and hope that everything turns out well. Happiness in his life.”

It may be mentioned that Rajiv Sen accused Charu of having an affair a few days ago. Then Karan Mehra talked about taking strict action against Rajiv. When our associate Times of India tried to talk to Karan Mehra, he said, ‘It is insulting and shameful to drag someone into your problem like this. I don’t know Rajeev and met Charu around ten years ago at an event along with my other co-actors from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. I know Charu because he played a short role a few years ago’.

After Karan Mehra’s reaction, Rajeev went back on his word. He said that ‘I did not mention the affair when I spoke. All I said was that Charu’s mom had sent me a voice note in which she was making a reel with Karan Mehra. So, whatever I came to know was through Charu’s mom. I have not said anything against Karan. He took my statement upside down’. Initially, Charu accused Rajiv of doubting him. When asked about this, he said ‘I was possessive towards my wife. I was not skeptical’.

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