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Charu Asopa Rajeev Sen moves to a one-room house after separation from husband

Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and wife Charu Asopa’s marriage has been strained for a long time. Their relationship is always a topic of discussion. Often they have come across reports of separation and then decide to forgive each other and move on. Recently, the matter has escalated so much that now the matter has reached the point of divorce. Both accused each other a lot. Charu Asopa has finally left her husband’s house, and has shifted to a small house with her daughter Ziana. Charu has also shown the house to his fans.

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Charu Asopa has shared the latest video on his YouTube vlog. In this video, Charu has shown fans a glimpse of his home. In the beginning of this video, Charu says that many fans have been telling me time and time again that they want to see the house. Respecting their demand, he will show his house today. Charu said that the house has a living room and a bedroom. It also has a kitchen and two bathrooms. There is one guest bathroom and one bathroom in his bedroom.

Charu Asopa said that there is also a balcony outside the hall and bedroom. The sun comes in from that balcony. Apart from this, Charu said that he has laid a mat in the hall itself, on which Ziana plays. He enjoys me time on the sofas placed in the hall. Charu says that the couch next to the boy is his favorite place. Charu then takes it to the kitchen. Charu shows he has built a small shrine in the temple itself, where there is an idol of Laddugopal. Charu says, it is said that the kitchen is the purest area of ​​the house, so I have built the temple in the kitchen.

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Charu has also kept two helpers in the house. One helper does the cooking, cleaning, etc. while one takes care of Ziana. Let us tell you that Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen got married in 2019. Differences started soon after the marriage. A divorce was about to happen but they patched up. After the birth of daughter Ziana, the car was back on track. But once again there was a fight.

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