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Chhavi Mittal’s 9 year old daughter started crying when she was diagnosed with breast cancer – 3 year old son asked some questions – chhavi mittal reveals about her 9 year old daughter reaction after knowing about breast cancer

About a month ago, Chhavi Mittal told her fans on social media that she had breast cancer. He was admitted to the hospital a few days later and underwent breast cancer surgery on April 25. From which she is slowly recovering, meanwhile the actress has also started working. In an exclusive interview with our associate Itimes TV recently, Chhavi Mittal talked about when she was diagnosed with cancer. She also mentioned how she gave the news to her husband Mohit Hussain. Chhavi Mittal is the mother of a three-year-old son and a nine-year-old daughter, both of whom spoke on the whole issue of what he said.

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First of all let me know how you found out
There was no doubt, no one guessed. At the gym I had a chest injury that caused me to have a test, which turned out to be a lump. The best part was, there were good doctors around me. Every woman needs to do self-examination. Breast cancer can be cured if it is detected early. Symptoms include lumps, discharge, and a sitting nipple. My surgery is done, in fact a lot of surgery was done. The cancer was removed from the body. Radiation therapy will now begin, with 20 sessions. I have avoided chemotherapy.

Did he resort to counseling for surgery?
Some people advised me therapy. But I had some information, had faith in doctors and even had conversations with many breast cancer survivors. The body is going through a lot of troubles but I don’t let that get the better of me. I started working 15 days after the surgery. The more normal the behavior, the better. I also drove before the surgery, my husband was worried about whether I should do it but I told him, we have an automatic car and my left hand is enough.

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Where were you when you found out your biopsy was positive?
I was walking and talking to my friends. I got a message from my doctor saying, ‘Can I see you tomorrow at 4 pm?’ The laboratory did not send me the report and I wondered why the doctor had sent the message. Apart from this I have never received such a message from my doctor in normal condition. I immediately called the doctor. I asked him, ‘Do I have cancer?’ He did not say ‘yes’ and said, ‘We will solve the problem and you don’t have to worry’. I told them not to be free the next day and to text them when I was free. I went home and told Mohit that my biopsy report was not good. Mohit was a little emotional but he was strong. He wanted to see a doctor but I told him to stick to the script meeting schedule.

My mom took a day to react. She overheard me calling and crying the next day. Many of my friends also cried. I kept them quiet. When he calmed down, he was convinced that I would handle it positively.

What did he say to your son?

He is young, still 3 years old. I told him I had an injury to my right side and so be careful when hugging. So, when he hugs, he keeps asking if he is on the left side. He told me to show the wound and I did. He kept asking me how I got hurt. He told his own story that I fell while I was running and so I got hit. Sometimes if his hand touches my right side it screams and he gets scared. If he sees me sad, he becomes sad too. He is happy to see me happy.

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What did you say to your daughter
I put him aside and told him my condition was not good. I told him there was a problem and I would fix it. I added that I would not be home for a few days but he did not need to be afraid because he would be small. He knows about cancer because my nanny died of cancer. He looked at me and asked, ‘Mommy, do you have that too?’ I said yes and she started crying.

I put it in my lap and said that I am not old like Nani’s case and I will recover. I explained to them that they would cut my breasts and pull out the lump the way C-sections do. I told him I would be hospitalized but I would go to the gym very soon. She told me she wanted to stay in the hospital with me.

But I explained to him that I did not want him to see me in pain. Initially I had trouble getting up and even struggling to get to the bathroom. She understood. She would come to the hospital for a while and hold my hand.

What has changed in the diet?

The doctor has not yet said anything about what to do and what not to do. I have included seasonal fruits, seeds in my list and excluded non-vegetarian food and dairy products.

I am hopeful that everything will be fine. I was told that radiation therapy would be good and there would be no side effects. Radiation therapy will be done daily and will be completed in a month. Nothing is going to happen to me. God is with me. If they hadn’t been with me I wouldn’t have known about Lump.

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