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Darlings Movie Review: Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah’s powerful acting will last till the end – shefali shah alia bhatt and vijay verma starrer darlings movie review in english

actor– Vijay Verma, Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Roshan Mathew
Director– Jasmeet Rin
category– Hindi, Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Time– 2 hours 13 minutes
rating– 3.5/5


Badru loves her husband Hamja very much. Alia Bhatt plays the role of Badur and Vijay Verma plays the role of Hamja. Badru’s love is so blind that he turns a blind eye to many things in his relationship. His mom often tells him that something is wrong with him and that these things should not be ignored. But Badru feels that everything will be fine with time. But it doesn’t happen. Over time, the atrocities on him increase. Then at some point the situation gets out of hand. Shefali Shah plays the role of Alia Bhatt’s mother in the film.


‘If you can go to a restaurant or a theater alone, you can do anything in life’. However, this adage is not true for women in many respects. It also carries the burden of a volatile and toxic relationship under the uncomfortable eyes of society. It is a result of society’s bad thinking that women consider abusive and violent marital relationships more honorable than being alone. Or our society forces him to do this.

Director Jasmeet K. This is Reen’s first film. He has written the story of this film along with writer Parvez Shaikh. Through which he tries to show closely the problem of patriarchy and domestic violence among the social and psychological condition of the lower middle class. In the story of the film, the plot is from Mumbai. On the one hand the rich people who are privileged while on the other hand two women a daughter and a mother, who are looking for heaven for themselves even in hell. There are dark clouds all around them, but they still find the happy sunshine in life. These two contrast situations. They find happiness in what is with them.

Badru’s husband Hamja is addicted to alcohol. In a drunken state, he beats Badru a lot, gets angry for no reason. But the next morning Badru makes an omelette for him like a good wife. Hamja showers love on his wife and apologizes to her. Badru happily forgives him. But this has become a daily routine. Badru keeps reminding herself that she has done love marriages. His reasoning is that such behavior is normal in married life. But one day such a sad incident happens that she starts thinking about herself, she is forced to think anew about her life, her husband.

Violence begets violence but does revenge set you free? Who is the victim? The one who fights or the one who tries to make everything normal despite being insulted and mistreated in the name of love? Unlike Alia Bhatt’s ‘Darlings’ trailer, it is not a dark comedy or a suspense thriller with a twist. A general approximation is straightforward. The film is a man vs. woman battle, where one of the two exploits her partner. Treats him badly. The subject matter of the story and what the writer-director wanted to convey about it is impressive. But the story style and editing needed a bit more effort.

Most of the film is shot in a large living room. The story of the film revolves in a circle. So the film seems dull at times. The climax is contradictory. ‘Darlings’ is a case study on domestic violence, which keeps you hooked. However, if Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah were not in the film, the film might not have held its ground. Even the eyes of these two actresses seem to talk to you. Both the actresses have given great performances. Also their chemistry is awesome. They also thrive in dull scenes. The mother-daughter relationship also drives the film and sets the mood. Be it emotional scenes or difficult scenes, it has been served with comedy.

Despite being disappointed by the men in their lives, both of these characters do not want to see themselves as victims. Which is the most interesting part of the domestic drama. The film focuses on male privilege, physical-emotional abuse and intimidation.

Why should you watch?

There are many reasons to watch the film but for Shefali Shah and Alia Bhatt’s brilliant acting, the film is a must watch.

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