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Daroga Happu Singh AKA Yogesh Tripathi Speaks All About His Historical Excursions | People News

New Delhi: One way to live life on your terms is to take a break and spend time doing the things you enjoy. While many people find comfort in calm beachside vacations or the peace of mountain hideaways, some people’s hearts call for an adventure of a different kind.

Yogesh Tripathi is one such person who finds great satisfaction in solving the mysteries of the past. He is best known for playing Daroga Happu Singh in TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan. The performer is deeply enthralled with historical monuments and relishes learning more about them by exploring the fascinating realm of historical exploration.

On his fascination with exploring historical monuments, Yogesh Tripathi, aka Daroga Happu Singh from ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, shares, ” Ever since my school days, I have been enchanted by history and ancient places. When I read about palaces and forts, I’d imagine visiting them someday.

“Back then, I couldn’t, being young and limited. But now, I’m chasing that dream. When I travel, I make sure to visit historic sites. These trips have deepened my connection to ancient traditions, offering a glimpse into bygone lifestyles.”

He also added, “Exploring various cultures during these journeys, I feel connected to my heritage, believing history makes us a part of something bigger. India’s beauty is enhanced by its historical monuments. I’ve explored many forts and palaces, the latest being the Gwalior Fort, known for its rich history, especially the “Man Mandir” and Gujari Mahal palaces. Tomar Rajput ruler Man Singh Tomar built these.

“Gwalior Fort, one of India’s oldest, is famous for its architecture and history. I dedicated time to exploring it and capturing its beauty. Despite attending a late-night Navratri event in the city, I woke up early to enjoy the fort at sunrise. This year, I organised a family trip to Udaipur to ensure my children appreciate these wonders. I hope these visits spark their curiosity, and I’ll always have companions to explore history with me.”

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