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Dating: Personality Or Bank Balance – What’s More Important In Prospective Partner? Gen Z Answers | Love News

Is the personality of your prospective match more important or is it the moolah that does the talk? While especially in the Indian context, the partner’s bank balance has been a decisive factor, there seems to be a shift in the dating world today. According to a study conducted by the dating app QuackQuack, which surveyed 9,000 GenZ daters from Tier 1 and 2 cities, there seems to be a distinct shift from the standard materialistic values in the dating world. The survey participants came from diverse backgrounds, with a majority of the participants being students and working professionals and a tiny percentage of users owning a business.

Changing Trends In Dating World

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, said, “There’s a wind of change in the dating world, online and IRL. The new generation of daters prioritises a morally clean person over someone with a fat wallet.” Here are some of the conclusions that the app survey drew from their findings:


Personality Before Wealth

The study revealed that a significant number of GenZ are breaking away from superficiality and materialism and delving deeper into romance. 41% of these GenZ daters revealed that they care more about their match’s personality than their financial status. Though the young generation of daters is more realistic, they prefer working hard, earning their own money, and enjoying a comfortable life rather than choosing a partner with a deep pocket.

Not Good Looks, But Compatibility Matters

The superiority of having good looks is a thing of the past, the survey claims. The GenZ daters are looking deeper than the exterior, and the respondents of the survey cited that compatibility is far more vital in dating than physical appearance. 46% of these daters from tier 1 and 2 cities are more inclined toward finding a person who shares their values, interests, and life goals than a person with a pleasant face.

Women Open To Dating Men Who Earn Less Than Them

Another refreshing trend that has gained traction among GenZ daters in recent years is daters not bothering about their match’s income. 38% of women between 22 and 26 disclosed they would not mind dating a man who has a lower income than them, provided that they jointly earn enough to live a comfortable life. Regardless of gender, more and more individuals are getting comfortable dating someone from a lower income category.

Meaning Of Success Sees A Change

GenZ daters have a different perspective on what makes a person successful. 31% of men mentioned having a roof over their head, their family in a good state, a few good friends and love is what they imagine being successful is all about; 38% of women think a well-settled job, making their parents proud, and again, finding true love is the definition of success. They look for partners with similar thought processes. 

Need For Financial Stability Cannot Be Disregarded

While a major portion of the GenZ daters in the survey voiced that income and other materialistic traits are secondary factors in love, it is not universal. There is still a chunk of GenZ daters who prefer a financially stable partner just as much as they want an honest one. 18% of these GenZ daters from Tier 2 cities clarified that their preference does not mean they disregard good values in a person, but rather it stems from the hardship they have faced growing up and how when they have a choice, they will be more pragmatic than emotional.

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