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Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary again blessed with baby girl

TV couple Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee have become parents for the second time. Debina has given birth to a daughter for the second time. Gurmeet and Debina’s second daughter was born today i.e. November 11. Debina Banerjee had her second natural pregnancy after giving birth to her first daughter. Debina Banerjee gave birth to her first child in the month of April this year and she too was a daughter.

The couple has shared the news of the birth of their second daughter with fans through social media. The couple shared the picture of the maternity photo shoot and informed about the birth of another daughter. Sharing the post, he wrote, “We are very happy to be parents for the second time. But as our daughter was born prematurely, we are expecting privacy now. Keep showering us with your love and blessings.” As soon as Debina shared this post, friends and fans started wishing the couple.

Debina was happy as she got pregnant soon after her first daughter Liana. But recently she also talked about the problems she faced during her second pregnancy. She said, “Pregnancy comes with complications like gestational diabetes, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure etc. and I am suffering from it now. My stomach is full of water due to which the size of the baby has also increased. The doctor thinks that I am more “If I wait, my water bag might burst. I have to do a caesarean because of this condition. The baby is lopsided and that makes it difficult.”

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