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Debina Bonnerjee, Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee are having trouble taking care of two young daughters? The actress is worried about this – Debina Bonnerjee talks about premature delivery and second baby health

Telewood couple Debina Bonnerjee (Debina Bonnerjee) and Gurmeet Choudhary (Gurmeet Choudhary) became the parents of a second daughter (Debina and Gurmeet Second Baby Girl) last month in November. Gurmeet and Debina’s second daughter has arrived prematurely. When the daughter was born in the seventh month, instead of rejoicing her arrival, the couple became worried. Debina has recently revealed that her daughter is still very young and she is taking special care of her.

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How to take care of both daughters?

Debina and Gurmeet became parents to daughter Liana in April this year. Within seven months of her birth, they became parents to a second daughter. Debina has spoken about how hard it is to take care of both Gurmeet and Debina’s daughters when they are still young. In an interview to Hindustan Times, Debina said, “We are learning to handle the situation as both are very young and both need a lot of attention. However, Guru (husband Gurmeet Chaudhary) and my mom help so both can be managed. “


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Second pregnancy was challenging?

How challenging was the second pregnancy? Answering this question, Debina said, “The early months of the second pregnancy were easy. Everything was normal. I didn’t get irritated by the smell of food or constipated. I used to shoot, dance, exercise. But in the last month, things got tough. Done. However, a little discomfort is better than the whole pregnancy being painful and me having to stay in bed. At the last minute (before delivery) we all sat down and discussed, I’m not in my twenties or even early thirties that everything will be fine. We moved forward with this.”

How was the experience of having a premature baby?

How did it feel to hold the baby after premature delivery? Responding, Debina said, “When I first picked her up, I was just worried because there was a lot going on in the operation theater. It also took time to remove as she was crooked. She was making ‘ah ah’ sounds when she came out. There was no thought in my mind, ‘Wow, I made this’. I was just worried about her health. I was not in a position to stand up and pick her up. It was only when we got home that I got to spend time with my daughter in peace. I gave her Looked and thought she was inside me and she didn’t give me any pain. That’s what I wanted. I thought only of myself without thinking of people.”

Debina told about her daughter’s health

How is the daughter’s health now? Responding, Debina said, “He is doing well now. He sleeps a lot. Mother’s milk is like magic for a baby. He drinks milk and sleeps. Every other day we take him to the hospital and get him checked up.”

When will the name be given?

Did you name your daughter or not? About this, Debina said, “We will announce her name soon. We will announce her name after she settles down a bit. She is still very young. Right now, I don’t even let the masseuse touch her. My mom is the one who massages her. We are very careful around her. She is so young that sometimes even I am afraid to give her to anyone. I worry that something might happen to her.” Finally, Debina also said that her husband Gurmeet is in seventh heaven as a father of two daughters.

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