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Debina Bonnerjee met mummy Debina Bonnerjee at the hospital, daughter Liana was happy to see her little sister – Lianna Choudhary met mummy Debina Bonnerjee and little sister her cute reaction caught attention

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary have recently become parents. Seven months after the birth of daughter Lianna (Lianna Choudhary) in April of this year, on November 11, the chirping echoed again and Lakshmiji arrived for the second time. In her second pregnancy, the actress opted for a C-section due to complications including diabetes, blood pressure and increased size of the baby. This time both mother and daughter were kept in the hospital for a few more days as she had a pre-mature delivery. However, both have returned home and are healthy. Debina Banerjee, who has a channel on YouTube, has been sharing vlogs showcasing her pregnancy and delivery journey. She recently uploaded another vlog, which shows Liana’s reaction to seeing her younger sister.

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Malakai Liana looking at younger sister

In the video, Debina Banerjee can be seen being moved from the operation theater to the room. Just then, seven-month-old Liana arrives there to meet her mother with Nani, who is wearing a ‘Big Sister’ t-shirt. After some time, Gurmeet takes her newborn daughter from the NICU and brings her to Debina. He then speaks to her in Kaligheli language. Gurmeet gets a little emotional about his daughter. Liana finally gets a chance to meet her younger sister, and she bursts into laughter. Even at the end of the vlog, Liana’s reaction is heartwarming.

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Gurmeet and Debina share happiness with fans
Debina and Gurmeet shared a picture from the maternity photoshoot while sharing the happiness of their daughter’s birth with fans on 11th November. Along with this it was written ‘We are very happy to be parents for the second time. But since our daughter was born prematurely, we are expecting privacy now. Keep showering your love and blessings on us’. Friends congratulated him after receiving this news.

Daughter born after 10 years of marriage
Debina Banerjee and Gurmeet Chaudhary got married in 2011. The two first met on the sets of the serial ‘Ramayana’, in which they played the roles of Sita and Rama. After 10 years of marriage, daughter Liana was born on April 3 this year. The first pregnancy was not easy for the actress. She tried for five years to conceive and even resorted to IVF. Soon after the birth of her daughter, she had another pregnancy.

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