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Debina Bonnerjee performed kanya pujan at home for little daughter took blessing of Kinnar at Jamadi Gorani, Kinnar

Debina Bonnerjee of ‘Ramayana’ fame is having a very busy time. On 11th November she gave birth to her second daughter and the first daughter is barely eight months old. His days are being spent in saving both of them. However, even in the meantime, she is making time for fans and sharing vlogs on her channel on YouTube, giving information about post-pregnancy. Currently, he has shared another video, in which he is seen putting whites at home as per the belief held by his mother for the good health of another dohitri. Apart from this he also got the blessings of Kinnar.

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Debina Banerjee performed Ghar Kanya Poojan

In the video, Debina Banerjee’s mom is saying ‘I kept this vow, for Chhoti. May the child be healthy, cool and beautiful. Got it all. Mother has been blessed. God does not come to our house, so we called the little girls. Along with this, the actress also gave a glimpse of what she gifted to the girls and said that she had also bought new clothes for them. Debina’s mom then put Alata on the feet of each girl, polished the nails and after performing the aarti, took her feet and blessed them. His mom also prepared food herself to feed everyone.

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Debina’s daughter received Kinnar’s blessings
Kinnar also came to meet their daughter at the house of Debina Banerjee and Gurmeet Chaudhary. He took the little girl in his arms and looked at her. He also blessed the couple’s home to always be filled with happiness and prosperity. Talking to her here, the actress informed that she is going to shift to a new house this month and invited her to come again after going there. When Kinnar was going home, Debina and Gurmeet gifted him a Ganapati Bappa idol and saree. Seeing Bappa’s idol, Kinnar wished that a son would come to his house as well. Debina immediately refused, Gurmeet said ‘My wish is to form a cricket team’.

Debina and Gurmeet will shift to the new house
Debina Banerjee recently shared some pictures on her Instagram handle showing a glimpse of the new house. In which he was seen inspecting the furniture work going on in the house. Along with this was written ‘Cheers for a new beginning. bow to Lord Shiva’.

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