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Delhi Crime Star Shefali Shah Celebrates Son Aryaman’s Graduation: A Heartwarming Journey of Firsts and Proud Moments | People News

Bollywood actress Shefali Shah, known for her outstanding performance in the popular series, Delhi Crime, took to Instagram to celebrate her son Aryaman Shah’s graduation. It was a moment of pure happiness that she shared with her followers. With heartfelt words, Shefali affectionately referred to Aryaman as her “sunshine boy.” The excitement and anticipation for this day had been building up inside her for a long time, and finally, seeing her son achieve this significant milestone filled her heart with immense pride and joy. In her long post on Instagram, Shefali reminisced her kids’ childhood days, growing-up years and all the moments in between.

Shefali Shah wrote, “When my kids were babies, each moment was a new achievement. Their first flip over on their tummy, the first time they crawled, their first steps, first words. To the first time they tied their shoelaces. Many firsts and each one as special as the other. Then came the first day of toddlers school, fear rolling down through tears for them and me, then the colours, alphabets, poems, friends… with them I grew.”


She added, “But as they grew older there weren’t very many firsts, yet each grade, each goal scored, each medal won, each meal they cooked, each laundry they did was as important. One more step towards coming on their own.

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Shefali Shah also mentioned in her post, “I have waited for this day and dreamed of it countless times but to be there watching him sprout his wings I flew higher than I can ever explain. Bursting with pride and joy that only my kids can bring.

Following the graduation ceremony, Aryaman proudly gave them a tour of his campus, showing them around the library, classrooms, and his first accommodation. Although they had initially planned a celebratory dinner, they found that everything was closed. However, luck was on their side when they stumbled upon a little pizza place, turning it into a spontaneous and delightful celebration right there on the street, sharing laughter and food.

Check Shefali Shah’s post:

The Instagram photos captured the essence of their happiness, featuring not only Shefali and Aryaman but also her husband, filmmaker Vipul Shah, and their other son Maurya. The entire family radiated joy as they celebrated Aryaman’s achievement together.

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