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Despite being a star, the village was living a simple life Sidhu Moose Wala, Watch Viral Video – sidhu moose wala village life and bond with mother

The whole country was shocked by the murder of famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala. Then Sidhu Musewala’s fans are sharing many videos of Singer on social media. In which a video of Sidhu Musewala is very much in discussion in which Sidhu Musewala is seen spending his life in the village in bliss. In which Sidhu Musewala’s simple life and mother’s love are seen. Sidhu Musewala, 28, made a lot of money and a name. Despite his stardom he was a man attached to the land.

Whenever Sidhu Musewala met the people of the village, he lived a very normal life. He was associated with rural life and looking at his simple life no one would say that Sidhu Musewala would have a big fan following even abroad. A video of Sidhu Musewala is being discussed on YouTube showing his simple village life. In which Sidhu Musewala is seen driving a tractor in the village and talking to the people of the village. At one point he is seen talking to the family. Sidhu Musewala had immense affection for his mother.

Everyone from celebrities to fans are in mourning over the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala. On May 29, when Musewala was leaving home with his friends, two friends were shot dead along with Musa, a short distance from the village. Sidhu Musewala was fired 30 rounds, according to his postmortem report, which revealed how painful his death was. Sidhu Musewala was shot twice. The postmortem of Sidhu Musewala’s body was done on May 30. According to the report, Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu alias Musewala was shot in the body. The Bhagwant Mann government of Punjab has handed over the investigation of Sidhuwala’s case to a sitting judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

What did Sidhu Musewala’s postmortem report reveal?

  • A team of five doctors conducted the postmortem of Sidhu Musewala’s body on May 30. The postmortem was performed by two forensic experts from Faridkot Medical College and GMC Patiala and three doctors from Mansa Civil Hospital.
  • Doctors first did an X-ray of the body to find out where the bullet had hit the body and what its condition was.
  • Sidhu Musewala was shot several times in the left lung and liver. The bullet caused severe damage to the lungs and liver
  • Sidhu Musewalan’s death is said to have been caused by excessive bleeding as well as excessive firing on the liver and lungs.
  • There are more than two dozen bullet marks on Sidhu Musewala’s body. Some of the bullets went through the body.
  • A bullet pierced the bone of Sidhu Musewala’s head, a bullet also hit his private part.
  • Sidhu Musewala had two bullets in his right leg and was broken due to a bullet in his right elbow.

Sidhu Musewala had left home to inquire about his sick aunt

Along with Sidhu Musewala, a friend was also killed in the attack. While a friend is in hospital due to serious condition. In an interview, the friend said that Sidhu Musewala drove to his sick aunt’s house. A short distance from the village, a vehicle overtook and started firing from all sides.

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