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Did Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Capture A Ghostly Apparition? Check Photo | People News

Kim Kardashian, popular American TV personality and fashion icon, has clearly redefined our understanding of celebrity status and left a major impact on popular culture. She is also very active on social media as never leaves a chance to show off her hour-glass figure and share glimpses from her daily life. However, the social media celebrity’s latest post has grabbed attention for a very weird reason that might leave you a little bit spooked! In one of her recent Instagram posts, Kim shared a selfie of herself, but it was not any usual selfie as there is something else in the picture that left her freaked out.

Kim Kardashian

In the selfie shared by the 42-year-old, while she looks beautiful in a no-makeup look, it seems a creepy figure also found a place in her selfie. While Kim Kardashian is clear and visible in the mirror selfie, a shadowy image of a woman, seemingly dressed in a bonnet, can be seen on her far right.


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“Soooo I took this pic last week when I was alone and now going through my phone I am freaking out noticing a woman in the window,” Kim Kardashian captioned the photo.

While Kim Kardashian sounded a bit freaked out with the shadowy figure, fans had their own share of reactions to it. While some made fun of the picture, others suggested she pray to God.

Fans react to Kim Kardashian’s selfie

Reacting to the picture shared by Kim Kardashian on her Instagram handle, a user wrote, “Looks like a colonial woman on the wing of a plane.”

Another user jokingly said, “She’s trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”

A third user sarcastically commented, “That is Marilyn Monroe seeking vengeance in fact.”

One user while trying to explain the picture wrote, “It’s probably her personal assistant. She just wanted to post this pic without appearing as if she really wants to post this pic because she thinks she looks good in minimal makeup.”

The post has accumulated several interesting comments and also a lot of views and likes. Kim Kardashian who can be seen in a complete no-makeup look is dressed in a pink tank top with her hair tied up in a top knot.

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