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DID Li’l Masters 5: Remo D’Souza cried after listening to Himanshu’s compassionate talk, promised to pay off the loan on his mother’s head – remo dsouza to pay off the loan

Remo D’Souza is considered one of the top dance choreographers in Bollywood today. He has worked hard and faced challenges to get to where he is today. Remo D’Souza himself has struggled with financial hardship and that is why he may well understand the pain of others. They do not shy away from helping whenever the opportunity arises. Recently on the set of ‘DID Li’l Masters Season 5’ Remo got emotional after hearing the painful talk of the contestant and he was ready to help immediately.

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Himanshu, an 8-year-old contestant, gave a performance in the recently launched dance reality show ‘DID Little Masters 5’. Himanshu’s performance won everyone’s heart but his compassionate words brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Remo finds out that Himanshu’s mother has taken a loan and his father is no more, so he immediately comes to the rescue. Remo told Himanshu that he would repay whatever was owed to him. At the same time, Himanshu and his mother were told not to worry.


Himanshu, a resident of Delhi, won everyone’s heart with his talent in the first episode itself. Himanshu lost his father’s umbrella when he was young. A mountain of troubles fell on his family after he lost his father. The family was begging for one rupee each. With the death of her husband, all the responsibility fell on Himanshu’s mother. He decided to turn the rickshaw around to make a living.

However, Himanshu’s mother’s journey to becoming a female rickshaw puller was not easy. The rickshaw was not available for rent and he took a loan of Rs 8 lakh as he did not have money to buy a rickshaw. When people saw Himanshu’s mother driving a rickshaw, they not only looked at her but also cast lots of sorcery. Being responsible for her son and family, she continued to inflict social poison. Remo D’Souza’s eyes watered when he heard of Himanshu and his mother’s suffering and he decided to help immediately.

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Remo said, “I want to help you with the EMI you are paying for the rickshaw. Tell me how much is left, I will pay it all. I don’t want you and Himanshu to be stressed. Now this rickshaw is yours. Focus on the future of yourself and your child and live happily ever after. “

Apart from Remo D’Souza, actress Sonali Bendre and Mauni Roy are also seen as judges in ‘DID Little Masters 5’. After recovering from cancer, Sonali Bendre has returned to the TV screen.


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