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Disha Patni says The tragic state of the epidemic shakes

‘Right now the whole country is crying out for Covid-19 and its changing forms’ Disha Patni.

People are running like fish out of the water due to lack of oxygen. This situation is shaking the heart of Bollywood celebrities from common people. Actress Disha Patni is no exception. Direction says that at the present time everyone needs to stay safe and help each other.
The actress further says that this time is extremely difficult for those who do not even have basic equipment.
People all over the world are getting annoyed with this epidemic and the dire situation that has arisen following it. So we should help people as much as we can and follow all the steps to avoid corona.

She adds that we are all in the same boat right now. I want this difficult time to pass quickly and our country to get out of bed of sickness.
Speaking of Disha’s films, once again the shooting of all the films has been postponed, so Disha’s movie ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Brother’ with Salman Khan is released. Disha says that given the current situation, this is the best way to release the film on various platforms.

The cinema owners request to Salman Khan

The cinema owners have requested Salman Khan to release his film in cinemas to get him out of this difficult situation.So the movie will be released on a big screen in areas where theaters are not closed. And the rest of the people will be able to watch it from their homes.

I am happy that we are entertaining people even in such stressful times.
It is worth mentioning here that Disha is working with Salman Khan for the second time in this movie. She had earlier teamed up with Sallu Minya in ‘Bharat’ (2013).

Disha says that Salman is a noble man. He takes special care not to cause any inconvenience to those who work with him.

We automatically get inspired when working with him. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him once again.
Disha is very happy that the song ‘Sity Mar’ of this film is making a fuss. She says though that it was a bit difficult for me to film this song. For that I worked with Prabhu Deva for the first time.

This song is of a very different kind. However Prabhu Deva took work from me very patiently.
It is worth mentioning here that apart from the film with Salman Khan, Disha also has films like ‘Ke Tina’ and ‘Ek Villain Returns’.
With the success of her film songs, Disha Patni feels happy.
Disha Patni is best known for her style and dance. In such a situation, when she teamed up with Salman Khan, the audience went crazy behind her.
Ever since the trailer of ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Brother’ was released, viewers have been obsessed with the chemistry of Salman and Disha. And after watching the film, their madness is at its peak.

Viewers have greeted the Salmaan Khan and Disha Patni warmly.

The title song of the film as well as ‘Sity Mar‘ have become equally popular. Even before the release of the film, millions of viewers were obsessed with its songs. People were really amazed to see the ‘Zoom Zoom’ choreographed by Caesar Gonsalves.
However filming these songs was not an easy task. The actress says that I worked hard behind this song which was filmed on a huge set outside Mumbai.

She further says that the shooting of the film took a seven to eight month long break following last year’s lockdown.

So I rehearsed a lot for this song. However, I am happy that the audience liked all the songs of the film. I feel as if my hard work has paid off.

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