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Disha Saliyan Case, Sushant’s ex manager Disha Saliyan’s death mystery solved after two years, CBI says how she fell from the building – cbi says sushant singh rajput ex manager disha saliyan death was an accident

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager Disha Saliyan Case died two years ago. Disha allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a high-rise building in Malad, Mumbai. But Disha’s family was not ready to believe this. The question on everyone’s mind was what happened to Disha finally? Did Disha commit suicide? Was there a conspiracy behind his death? How Disha died has been revealed.

What did the CBI say?

CBI has termed Disha’s death as a tragedy in its investigation. According to the CBI, Disha Salian lost her balance while intoxicated and fell from the building to her death. This also proves that there is no connection between the death of Disha and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Disha’s death was considered murder

Sushant Singh Rajput died just a few days after Disha Salian’s death. Disha died on 8 June 2020 while Sushant died on 14 June 2020. As both the deaths happened within a few days, both the cases were being investigated together. Disha’s death sparked a lot of discussion. Disha’s family demanded an investigation in this case, but the police closed the case, calling it a suicide.

There is no connection between Disha-Sushant’s death

The CBI did not file a separate case in Disha Salian’s death but conducted an investigation in connection with Sushant’s case. But now the CBI has concluded that there is no connection between Sushant and Disha’s death.

This was the allegation of Disha’s parents

A few months ago, Disha’s parents had alleged that their daughter’s death was being politicized and some leaders were questioning the matter. Due to which the image of his daughter is getting tarnished. Taking cognizance of the matter, the CBI officials examined the recording of the party where Disha was present and verified the statements of the witnesses.

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