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Diwali 2023 Gifting Guide: Blending Tradition, Craftsmanship And Culture For Exchanging Thoughtful Gifts This Festive Season | Culture News

Festive decorations made of sustainable organic materials like dried flowers, jute, natural fabrics, metal, glass, and more are both eco-friendly and representative of our rich cultural heritage.

In an exclusive interview with Zee News English, Ms Aditi Murarka Agrawal, Co-Founder of Nestasia shares how you can mix culture with Diwali traditions while exchanging gifts this festive season.

Incorporating Traditional Elements

How do you approach incorporating traditional elements of Diwali into the design and selection of gifts?

When it comes to infusing traditional elements into our designs for Diwali, our approach blends the timeless charm of tradition with modern aesthetics to ensure that the pieces can seamlessly fit into contemporary spaces. Consider the principles of interior design while also taking inspiration from the festival’s key symbols like Diyas, Rangoli, lights, colors, and Mandala designs. These elements are thoughtfully integrated into our products, ensuring that they not only align with the cultural significance of Diwali but also resonate with interior design aesthetics.

Significance of Craftsmanship

In your opinion, how can craftsmanship play a significant role in the selection of gifts during the Diwali season?

Craftsmanship is indeed crucial, especially during Diwali. Each of Diwali products is crafted by local artisans who have mastered their respective crafts over generations to bring out a line of products known for their quality, utility, and beauty. Their expertise ensures that our products not only look beautiful but also exude authenticity and cultural significance. By supporting these artisans, we celebrate their skills and contribute to preserving our rich heritage.

Influence of Interior Design Principles

Can you share insights on how interior design principles influence the choice of gifts that embody the spirit of Diwali?

Interior design principles play a vital role in curating gifts for Diwali that seamlessly blend tradition, craftsmanship, and cultural symbolism. We should consider aspects like color palettes, textures, and spatial arrangement. For instance, local dining and decor products are designed to harmonize with modern Indian decor styles, using colors and patterns that evoke a sense of celebration. Accent decor showpieces make for apt gift options to help create emphasis or a focal point through form and finish in a home.

Timeless and Versatile Gift Ideas

From your expertise, what are some timeless and versatile gift ideas for Diwali?

Timeless and versatile gifts for Diwali can include ornate dry fruit boxes that can be used for both storage and decoration during the festive season and after. Intricately designed luxe candle stands, glass hurricanes, and elegant tableware sets featuring traditional patterns or colors are also great gifts. Additionally, accent decor pieces with cultural motifs, like mandalas or deity-inspired designs, can add a touch of spirituality to any space. 

Soft furnishings like cushion covers and throws with intricate embroidery or block prints are also highly appreciated. These gifts not only celebrate tradition and craftsmanship but also enhance the beauty of one’s home, making them ideal for the festive season and beyond.

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