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Double XL Review, Double XL Movie Review: Sonakshi-Huma’s film on a serious issue like body shaming is worth watching or not? – doible xl movie review in english

cast– Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, Iqbal Zabir, Mahat Raghuvanshi, Shubha Khote, Kanwaljit Singh, Alka Kaushal
Director– Satram Ramani
category– Hindi, Comedy, Drama
Time– Two hours and ten minutes
rating– 2.5/5

Rekha Khan- Body shaming is a social issue of today which has a huge number of victims. And especially women have to suffer more from body shaming. Films like Dum Laga Ke Haisha and Fanne Khan have been made on this subject in Bollywood. But a lot of body shaming is done indirectly in many Bollywood films. Fewer films have been made on this issue because few actresses want to venture on screen with weight gain. Bhumi Pednekar gained 15 kg for Dum Lagake Haisha. While Huma Qureshi and Sonakshi Sinha also had to gain weight for Double XL. Director Satram Ramani has chosen the subject very well, the casting of the film is also perfect, but has the film been able to do justice to this issue or not?


The story is very simple. You or a family member or a friend or neighbor may relate to this topic. Meerut’s Rajshree Trivedi (Huma Qureshi) dreams of dancing with cricketer Shikhar Dhawan in a deep sleep, and her mother wakes her up by shouting. Mother is worried about her daughter’s marriage. Daughter’s age is more than 30 years. But he is not married yet. Mother feels that marriage is not happening due to excess weight. Rajshri is not particularly fond of marriage, he wants to become a cricket representative. On the other side is fashion designer Saira Khanna (Sonakshi Sinha). He dreams of launching his own label. She has a boyfriend who is a gym and fitness freak.

Both the girls have been brought up in different environments, their dreams are also different. But the people of the society always put them down because of their weight. Saira is preparing to launch her own fashion label in London with her boyfriend and a leading channel shortlists Rajshri as a sports presenter, but something happens that leaves her dreams unfulfilled. Then Zoi (Zaheer Iqbal) and Srikanth (Mahat Raghavendra) come into his life and life changes a lot.


Satram Ramani as a director spends too much time developing the characters and plot. There are two different cities in the story. Two different types of families are found. Viewers are expected to see more ups and downs as the story progresses. But there seems to be a lack of sensitivity regarding this issue. However, writer Mudassar Aziz has proved successful in delivering many entertaining dialogues. You will remember some dialogues. But the situation is created in such a way that the edge of the story is reduced. Spectators hoping for a miracle in the second half will be disappointed. The film remains average.

Definitely, the strong message is given in the film that to make dreams come true, it is necessary to be mentally strong rather than changing your body. Milind Jog has also done a great job as a cinematographer. He has captured the beauty of London very well. The soundtrack of the film is also good. Editing could have been tighter.


Huma Qureshi shines in the role of Rajshree. Huma admitted during her interview that she had to become a victim of body shaming in real life as well. So she has done a very good justice to this character. A plus size girl from a small town like Meerut, who has the courage to dream big, and Huma plays the role of this girl. Sonakshi Sinha has also done justice to her role. But the layers of his character are not as accurate as Huma’s. The chemistry of both the actresses looks good on screen. Zaheer Iqbal entertains in the role of Zorawar Rahmani, but seems to be overacting at times. Mahat Raghuvanshi proves promising in Srikanth’s role. Alka Kaushal plays the pain of a mother of an immature girl in her 30s very well. The characters of Shubh Khote and Kanwaljit will also be remembered.

Why watch?

If you want to watch a film on a social issue with a touch of comedy, you can definitely watch this movie once.

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