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Dressed in saffron, living in a hut and dancing immersed in Krishna Bhakti….This is how Nupur Alankar is spending her life after taking Sannyas – former actress nupur alankar seen dancing in krishna temple video goes viral

There are many actors in the film and TV industry who got tired of the hustle and bustle of the glamor world and found a new path. Leaving the colorful world of the entertainment world, many artists turned to the path of spirituality and devotion. Earlier this year, actress Angha Bhosle, who played the role of Nandini in the popular show ‘Anupama’, said goodbye to the world of acting and took the path of devotion. Last month it was reported that TV actress Nupur Alankar has also taken sanyas. Nupur had retired in February 2022 itself but the information about this came to light in August. Now a video of Nupur is going viral on social media in which she is seen immersed in devotion.

The actress had been separated from her husband for two and a half years before her retirement, there was no marital relationship.

Nupur was seen dancing in the Krishna temple

A video of Nupur leaving the glamor world has surfaced. Nupur has shared this video on her Instagram account in which she is seen engrossed in the devotion of Lord Krishna. Nupur is also seen in this video along with other Krishna devotees. Nupur is wearing a saffron colored dress and has a rudraksha necklace around her neck. Leanne Nupur is seen clapping, jumping and dancing in Krishna Bhakti.

Due to this, the mind rose from worldly fascination

Nupur’s mind is a special reason to be freed from worldly fascination. The former actress said that her mother fell ill during the lockdown. There was no money for his treatment. After which Nupur asked people for financial help. Nupur was able to collect money for her mother’s treatment through crowd funding, but her mother’s life was not saved. According to Nupur Alankar, the incident broke her inside and made her realize that there is nothing left in life to fear losing. According to Nupur, he was interested in spirituality from the beginning. After this incident, he decided to spend his life helping the needy and doing spirituality.

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Noupu got married in 2002

It is worth mentioning that Nupur is married. Nupur married actor Alankar Srivastava in 2022. However, according to media reports, they were living separately for the last three years and the two did not even have a husband-wife relationship. Nupur took sannyas after taking permission from her husband and mother-in-law. Nupur has also said that she has taken the decision to follow the path of spirituality after much thought. If reports are to be believed, Nupur has rented out her Mumbai flat.

Nupur has appeared in these shows

Nupur was active in the world of acting for about 27 years. She has also been a member of the TV Artistes Association (CINTA). Nupur has worked in many serials like Shaktimaan, Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan, Diya Aur Baati Hum. Also acted in films like Rajaji, Sawariya, Sonali Cable.

Nupur is painted in the color of devotion

Some photos and videos of Nupur have come out before this. In which sometimes she is seen sitting outside the hut meditating and sometimes walking barefoot. Fans are also surprised to see this avatar of Nupur who has been a part of glamor world.

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