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Eclipse 2024: Two Solar And Two Lunar Eclipses To Woo Skywatchers In New Year – Check Dates And More | Culture News

The year 2024 is upon us and as we enter a New Year, skywatchers are getting excited and gearing up for four unique celestial events. The year 2024 will witness two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. When the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon’s shadow is cast on Earth, a Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan takes place. Meanwhile, when the Earth comes between the Sun and Moon – with all three bodies lying on the same orbit plane – the Sun casts Earth’s shadow onto the Moon and a lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan takes place.


First Surya Grahan Of 2024

A total solar eclipse will take place on April 8. The total eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. This solar eclipse is occurring on a Monday. According to NASA, safety is the number one priority when viewing a total solar eclipse. “Be sure you’re familiar with when you need to wear specialised eye protection designed for solar viewing by reviewing,” NASA says. 

Second Surya Grahan Of 2024

The second solar eclipse of the year will be an Annular one and will take place on October 2. An Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon moves in front of the Sun, but does not cover the Sun’s disk completely, thus showing a ring of fire.

First Chandra Grahan Of 2024

A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on March 25. It will be visible in much of Europe, Australia and Africa, North/East Asia, North America, South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, and Antarctica.

Second Chandra Grahan Of 2024

The second Lunar Eclipse will be on September 18 and it will be a Partial lunar eclipse. People in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North/West North America, North/East South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, the Arctic, and Antarctica can witness it.

Eclipses 2024: Will It Be Visible From India

The eclipses will not be visible from India but one can watch online. Several YouTube channels livestream it on their respective channels.

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