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EXCLUSIVE- Beauty Tips: 10 Ways To Prep Your Skin For Natural Glow For The Upcoming Festive Season | Beauty/Fashion News

It’s nearly time to usher in the festive season since the monsoon season is about to come to an end. You’ll soon be preparing for the festivities by doing everything from cleaning your house to taking care of your skin. 

Along with that, it will help you step up your skincare routine in the aftermath of the humid, rainy weather and give your skin a radiant, natural shine that will have everyone pleading for the key to your flawless looking skin. The secret is to have a lot of patience, use the right products, and practise perfect skincare. 

Zee News Digital spoke to Dr Akanksha Sanghvi, Aesthetic Dermatologist, Founder- Oprava Aesthetics about some simple everyday ways to make your skin look like it needs no makeup.

“A right balance between a good skin regime and some in-clinic treatments are a great way to achieve a skin that doesn’t need any makeup,” says Dr Akanksha.

Let’s look at some of the finest yet easy most effective ways  to prepare your skin for the festive season.

Skincare Tips for Festive Season For A Natural Glow

1. Following the Perfect Skin Regime: It is important to use the right kind of skincare products in the right manner to achieve a complexion that is absolutely problem free, well hydrated and radiant. 

Following a good skincare regime consisting of a cleanser, a toner, essence, serum, sunscreen, moisturiser and eye cream is of utmost importance. It’s important to focus on problems like acne, rosacea, pigmentation, dermatitis, fine lines and wrinkles and use the right ingredients in your skin care that can help treat these conditions and help you get a healthy skin. 

Cleanser is rich in glycolic Acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid are great to help exfoliate the skin without having to use harsh scrubs. Moisturisers rich in ceramide, vitamin E and ingredients that are antioxidants can help reduce cell damage and improve overall hydration.

2. Using Multi Action Skin care

Serums and Essence that are formed with multiple activities such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid ,retinol, salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acids can help brighten the skin, exfoliate the skin, improves skin texture, and moisturise the skin all at the same time. 

These serums can be used AM and PM depending on the ingredients present to give your complexion the boost it needs.


3. Not Forgetting the Eye cream that contains retinol, niacinamde, green tea extracts can help reduce dark circles, rejuvenate the skin around the eyes and overall helps treat puffy tired looking eyes.


4. Doing a Yellow Peel There are many in-clinic treatments that you can opt for to get a perfect skin that does not require make up. Yellow peel is one of the most effective treatments that helps to treat pigmentation, sunspots, early signs of ageing and acne blemishes. 


The peel is applied on the skin left on for 6-8 hours after which the skin starts to exfoliate and helps form fresh new skin from within. Even though only the superficial layers of the skin peels, the peel actually helps to regenerate cells from the deeper layer and also helps to form collagen. 


The end results is a fresh, firm and rejuvenated skin with even skin tone, minimal open pores and fines lines.


5. Trying Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is a treatment that involves infusion of a cocktail of vitamin C, amino acid antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, collagen using multiple techniques such as micro injections or micro needling or infusion devices. 


In this technique helps to rejuvenate and tighten, the skin instantly improves dull skin and stimulate collagen and elastin formation in the process.


6. Boost the skin by using Skin boosters Skin Boosters help to improve skin texture, skin hydration and overall elasticity of the skin to give you a ”lit” glow from within. 


It involves injecting droplets of hyaluronic acid gel-like substance that improves skin quality and revitalise the dermis. It is great for people with dehydrated, dull skin, and fine lines. It helps to restore hydration and helps achieve a younger looking skin in just one session.


7. Why not try some Laser Toning Laser toning involves using a Q switch laser that helps break down pigment cells or melanin in the skin and hence helps reduce tanning, freckles, lentigines, some birthmarks, uneven pigmentation and age spots. It helps in reducing open pores and gives an overall bright and glowing skin in just 20 minutes


8. Get ready for Infusion facials INFUSION FACIALS are advanced forms of medicated facials that uses a special technology that improves absorption of any product applied to the skin. 


These facials consist of using hand held probes to cleanse, pump exfoliating, and hydrating serums deep into the skin rich in Vitamin C and Arbutin. It helps give a dewy, glass finish skin that looks healthy and nourished.


9. Introduce New Generation Toners Tonors in the past used to contain high amounts of alcohol to remove any grime from the skin. The new generation toners are alcohol-free and mainly contain hydrating and clarifying properties that help reduce inflammation from the skin as well as exfoliate to remove all impurities from the pores. 


These toners are made of molecules that penetrate the skin quickly and literally acts like water packed with antioxidants, amino acids and glycerin.


10. Get a Vampire Facial Vampire facial is a skin treatment that infuses platelets and growth factors from your own blood to promote new skin cell regeneration, collagen and elastin formation. 


The procedure involves taking blood like a simple blood test which undergoes a process to form a platelet rich plasma. The plasma is then infused into the skin through microinjections and micro needling which helps repair the skin and gives a younger, firmer and tighter skin overall.

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