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Former Gym Trainer, ‘Fit Like Tiger’, Roommate: Meet Disha Patani’s New Rumoured BF Aleksandar Alex Ilic | People News

In a recent event that has set tongues wagging, Bollywood luminary Disha Patani was sighted enjoying an evening out on a Sunday (August 6) with none other than the rumored object of her affection, Aleksandar Alex Ilic. While the audio quality of the circulating video is far from optimal, the conviction among fans remains strong that Disha took this opportunity to formally introduce Aleksandar to her circle of friends as her boyfriend. With this seemingly implicit gesture, the actress seems to have confirmed the inception of their new romantic relationship.

A Trail of Shared Appearances:

The occasion wasn’t the first instance of Disha Patani and Aleksandar Alex Ilic being seen together. Their companionship, which traces back quite a while, has manifested through their joint appearances at various events. Their camaraderie was particularly evident at stylist Mohit Rai’s birthday celebration and the lively festivities of Kartik Aaryan’s own birthday soirée. This affinity is further showcased by the candid snapshots they exchange on social media platforms. Yet, for many, the question lingers: Who exactly is Aleksandar Alex Ilic, and what is his professional background?

The Serendipitous Connection:

Originating from Serbia, Aleksandar Alex Ilic shares a notably tight bond with Disha, extending back to the year 2015. During this period, they shared not just conversations, but also a living space, cohabiting in the same flat. Their initial connection was formed during the early days of their careers within the entertainment domain, both navigating the intricacies of the same agency. It was their mutual ardor for physical fitness that cemented their rapid and enduring friendship.

Multifaceted and Present:

Apart from his role as a confidant in Disha Patani’s life, Aleksandar Alex Ilic takes on several roles of his own. He is an accomplished model and actor, seamlessly interwoven with his passion for fitness. Anchored in Mumbai, he has graced screens through his participation in the web series “Chameleon.” In the past, he has also served as a fitness trainer, underscoring his dedication to a healthy lifestyle. A familiar figure in Disha’s fitness journey, he often accompanies her to their workout sessions and is even known to assist in fine-tuning her exercise routines.

Setting the Record Straight:

In a previous interview, Aleksandar delved into his relationship with Disha, dispelling any ambiguity. He eloquently shared, “Disha has occupied a space akin to family in my life. Amid the competitive landscape of our industry, we’ve remained pillars of support for each other during moments of vulnerability. It’s intriguing to witness the ongoing speculation that has persisted for weeks. What puzzles me is the compulsion to engage in conjecture. Shouldn’t individuals be granted the latitude to navigate their lives without undue scrutiny? In response, we simply choose to laugh off these narratives.

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