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From domestic violence to extramarital affair serial Anupamaa – domestic violence to extramarital affair serial Anupamaa spread wrong message to society

‘Anupamaa’, which went on-air after the lockdown, has succeeded in creating space in the TRP charts and the hearts of the viewers. The Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey and Madalsa Sharma starrer serial is also frequently in the news, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for bad reasons. Social media users keep sharing their opinion on different tracks of ‘Anupama’. Here is a list of when the actors and makers of ‘Anupama’ became victims of hate and criticism for spreading wrong messages in the society.

Anuj and Bapuji’s reaction to Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage

Fans were upset to see Bapuji and Anuj’s reaction to teenage Pakhi and Adhik getting married. Then Bapuji said that Pakhi now belongs to the Kapadia family. Although this marriage was not acceptable to both the families, the audience was offended by what Bapuji said. Apart from this, people did not like the fact that Anuj decided to take both of them to his home.


Leela’s support even after learning of Toshu’s affair

Leela had given the wrong message that it was normal by accepting the grandson’s incestuous relationships. With Leela’s support, Toshu showed his fiercer form and tried to harm Anupama’s daughter as well. Viewers resented Leela.

Vanraj’s interference in Anupama’s life even after the divorce

Viewers did not like Vanraj’s interference in Anupama’s life and bothering her even after the divorce. Viewers hoped that Anupama would break all ties with Shah after leaving the house.

Leela gave support when Vanraj questioned Anupama’s character

In one episode, Anupama and Anuj get trapped due to bad weather and when Anupama returns home, Vanraj pops the question and calls it a one-night stand. At that time Leela supported Vanraj. Fans questioned Leela and Vanraj’s character.

Pakhi and Toshu keep insulting Anupama repeatedly

Toshu and Pakhi are shown repeatedly insulting Anupama and using them when needed. He never expressed his feelings. Their motives have always been hidden. Viewers trolled the makers for this but have not changed their characters yet.

Domestic violence and hurt feelings continue to promote ‘ba’

Leela’s character also encouraged domestic violence and emotional abuse in the beginning of the serial, which caught the attention of many. Leela’s character is still the same

Vanraj’s relationship with Kavya

In the beginning of the serial, Vanraj’s affair with Kavya was shown as normal, as if it happened in every household. This created a wrong impression on many viewers and the viewers told the makers that they should think once before spreading wrong messages in the society.

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