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Guns & Gulaabs To Impress Again With Another Season – Deets Inside | Web Series News

New Delhi: Rajkummar Rao-starrer ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ will make a spectacular comeback with its second season and perhaps answer the burning question, ‘Babu Tiger ne Gangaram ke kaan mein kya bola?’. What’s more? The  creator duo Raj and DK are already stirring up a cinematic storm with the new season currently in the works.

The masterminds captivated audiences with their compelling storytelling in season one of Guns & Gulaabs. In response to the mounting curiosity and excitement from fans of the series, Raj & DK will once again gear up to transport viewers into the delicious realm of Gulaabganj where love, laughter and lunacy collide in a whirlwind of 90s chaos! That’s not it. Netflix has embraced the festive spirit today to also drop a music video to the track Dhoka, highlighting Paana Tipu, Family Man Arjun, Jugnu and the gang’s return to Guns & Gulaabs. 


An ode to Hindi cinema in the nineties, the first season of Guns & Gulaabs became an instant hit, creating pop culture moments with memes of its quirky characters and dialogues. Seamlessly bringing together a plethora of genres, the series, produced by D2R films,  quickly solidified its place in the viewers’ hearts, evident in its instant rise to Netflix’s Top 10 Global Non-English TV list and continued presence in India’s Top 10 TV list since its premiere in August.
Speaking about renewing Guns & Gulaabs for Season 2, filmmaker duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK said, “We’ve always believed that this wicked genre mash, ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ held tremendous potential to entertain, and with Netflix, we found the perfect partners to bring it to life. We are humbled by the love that season 1 has received and are excited about season 2. While we’ll keep the details under wraps for now, we will work hard on an adventure that’ll be wilder and more delicious than the first one.”

Tanya Bami – Series Head at Netflix India said, “It was delightful to see Raj and DK take their magic higher on Netflix with Guns and Gulaabs. Guns and Gulaabs is such a break from everything the OTT space is known for and that’s exactly why we are so excited to bring another season of this rib tickling genre bender! What started off with Guns & Gulaabs has now evolved into a deep partnership with Raj & DK. We are excited to bring their most distinct and unique ideas to our members in India and globally as well!”

D2R Films, led by writer-director-producer duo Raj & DK, is known for unique, original, trend-setting content. Each of its premium shows and feature films is distinct in treatment, subject and genre. The duo recently added a new fillip to their portfolio with D2R Indie which helps encourage new filmmakers and newer storytelling formats.

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