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Happy Birthday Jung Hae-in: ‘Something In The Rain’ To ‘DP’, 5 K-Dramas To Watch | People News

New Delhi: From playing a young man in love with an older woman to a soldier specialising in getting military deserters back or a single father who finds love again, Jung Hae-in has showcased his range as an actor.

An actor whose easygoing personality has made him a fan favourite also has the chameleon-like ability to transform into his screen characters. On his 35th birthday today here are 5 Jung Hae -in dramas to celebrate with.

Something In The Rain
Seo Joon Hee( Jung Hae-in) has known Yoon Jin Ah( Son Ye Jin) forever, after all, she is his older sister’s best friend. But, what is not known is that Joon Hee has always carried a torch for her. When he returns home after a stint in the United States, he expresses his feelings towards “Noona”, a term used for an older sister or girl. Jin Ah though hesitant, in no time is swept by the charms of this irresistible young man. But the path to love is never easy as the two encounter opposition and their clashes.


Where to Watch Netflix

D.P 1 & 2 
Based on a popular webtoon, “D.P.” stars Jung Hae-in as Ahn Jun Ho and Koo Kyo Kean as Han Ho Yeol. The two are part of a special military squad responsible for finding deserters. The series took a hard-hitting look into the world of the South Korean military. The how struggle of the soldiers as they battle not only physical but also emotional and mental challenges. The series provided a perspective which had never been seen before. Jung Hae In proved his mettle as an actor once again, in this intense drama.

Where To Watch: Netflix

One Spring Night
Jung In ( Han Ji Min) has just broken up with a long-term boyfriend and  Yoo Ji Ho ( Jung Hae-in) is a pharmacist and a single father, raising his son. The two meet and though it is not an instant connection, they come close as friends and it turns to something deeper. Though Ji Ho too faces societal taboos as a single parent and is hesitant to get into a relationship.  But it all changes after he meets Jung In.

Where to watch: Netflix

Prison Playbook
One of the underrated Prison Playbooks is a masterpiece. Kim Je Hyuk (Park Hae Soo) is a famous baseball player whose life takes a turn when he is arrested after he beats up a man who violates his sister’s honour. His best friend Lee Joon Ho (Jung Kyung Ho) is a corrections officer at the prison and helps him endure the difficult moments. Je Hyuk continues to practice baseball in prison in hopes of resurrecting his career once out. The show also focuses on his encounters with several people. Jung Hae- in. Is Captain Yoo, a man wrongly framed for killing a soldier, comes across as cold but at heart is a good person. These men form a bond even though they are delegated as social outcasts, they show the perseverance of the human spirit.

Where To Watch: Netflix 

Connect Dong Soo (Jung Hae In) gets kidnapped by organ hunters and loses one of his eyes, he finds out that his lost eye has been transplanted to a serial killer. Dong Soo gains the ability to see through the killer’s perspective and gets tangled up in their murder cases. Go Kyung Pyo stars as serial killer Jin Seob, who now shares his eyes and perspectives with Dong Soo.

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar 

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