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Happy Independence Day: Celebrate The Spirit Of Patriotism With These Fun Activities | Culture News

Everyone may not be patriotic all year long, but on August 15, everyone gets that ‘my nation’ feeling. People attend special events to celebrate the spirit of independence, wear clothing in the colours of the tricolour, consume food with a tricolour theme, the list is endless. 

Ideas To Celebrate Independence Day

Here are some ideas to embrace the spirit of Independence Day.

Kite Flying

“Patang baazi”, or kite-flying contests, are organised locally across regions of north India, old Delhi and Lucknow are ideal spots. People look forward to the enjoyable competitions, which are an exciting aspect of the Independence Day celebrations.

Flag Hoisting

In every institution, hoisting the tricolour serves as the formal beginning to the rest of the festivities. In truth, the day’s celebration would be lacking without this proud moment. The national anthem is frequently sung in unison when the flag is hoisted, which inspires kids.


Tricolor binge

Prepare delicious tricoloured foods at home instead of moping around – whether it’s delicious tricoloured pasta or simple cold drinks or juices with obvious orange, white, and green colour. On August 15, serve the same to your family while you binge eat and watch a live stream of the flag-raising ceremony at the Red Fort.

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Antakshri on patriotic songs

Since it’s a national holiday in every state, use your video calls for something enjoyable for a change before the dreary office Zoom calls take over. We need to be socially detached but not emotionally so. Gather your friends digitally, spare them the discomfort of formal attire, cuddle up on the couch or in bed, and challenge them to a game of antakshari while listening to patriotic music.

Paint Harmony

If you’ve lost touch with your old friends from other communities, reach out to them again and relive the past by connecting over on-the-spot painting challenges. Share the finished artwork once you’ve drawn and painted a bookmark, a T-shirt, or a temporary tattoo on your sibling’s or partner’s hand. The goal is to discover a reason to reconnect and be more welcoming.

Fashionable Patriotism

People dress in tricolour garb, but you can choose to wear torn blue jeans with a block-printed white or pastel saffron-colored blouse. It goes well with a set of conventional Kolhapuri and antique silver jhumkis. For a splash of colour, don’t forget to use orange lip colour.

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