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Happy Mother’s Day: Best Tips For First-Time-Moms – Advice From A New Mom | culture news

Mother’s Day: Being a mum is a full-time job. Period. Welcome to the world of mothers. The world in which mothers experience a myriad of emotions – largely comprising unparalleled love and laughter, inexplicable gratitude and satisfaction, along with small and regular doses of unimaginable fear of failure and guilt.

Bhavna Singh is Vice President- Communications at Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited (BSV) shares her journey and experience through motherhood with some real and practical advice for all mothers, but especially new moms.

No amount of reading can prepare one to become a ‘perfect’ mother.

Or at least, we didn’t choose the right ones to read then! A strong support system at home, with the right set of influencers and above all, a balanced little big fella at home(who is now seventeen), makes it workable.

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The learning curve is steep

Bouts of self-doubt, anxiety and fear of missing out can be very harsh at times. And the only solution to that is a deep breath.

It’s all about having happy children

And with this outcome, we can guide our children. And children pick up several life lessons by mere observation. Hence being positive and balanced, in addition to taking that much-needed life-saving breath, at that overwhelming moment—all of this adds to the fullness of motherhood.

Motherhood is an unending journey

A journey where every milestone only reminds us of the journey ahead. It also reminds us that we are not perfect. And we don’t need to be perfect. It’s okay to occasionally miss the PTA, it’s okay if the grades dip on a test, and it’s okay if you can’t make the snack one day. It can take long to believe that this was not a reflection of you but motherhood.

Even today, there are times when new or expecting mothers suffer from the acute syndrome of Supermomhood.

Being a ‘Supermom’ could be an open invitation for chaos, overwhelm and disaster. Coupled with societal expectations, the task of Supermomhood is daunting. But it’s time to take a pause and understand what our children need. They don’t need Supermoms, they need their moms- their presence. They need moms who are:

– Understanding and supportive

– Encouraging and constantly validating opinions

– Never too tired or busy to spend time with her kid(s)

– Being blunt, authentic, and truthful

– One who is forever laughing and telling stories, sharing warm hugs and kisses and preparing her kid(s) for the future

Always sharing unsolicited advice.

These are the simple criteria for being an awesome mum to your awesome kids and what’s best is that all of this can be done without stress and naturally, without much effort and thought.

It lays the foundation for empowerment, love and faith – all of which defines the very essence of Motherhood. So, this Mother’s Day, let us break the myth of Supermoms and welcome Awesome Moms who are present!

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