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Harvey Einstein Faces Fresh Sexual Assault Allegations Pre-Retrial | People News

Washington: Prosecutors have indicated that additional alleged victims will come forward to testify against him, Variety confirmed.
Nicole Blumberg, Manhattan’s Assistant District Attorney, disclosed during a hearing on Tuesday that several women who had previously remained silent are now prepared to testify against Weinstein.

“A number of women came forward to indicate they were raped by the defendant in Manhattan,” Blumberg informed the court, describing the alleged incidents as involving “violent” and “trauma-informed” behaviour within the statute of limitations, according to reports obtained by Variety.

The retrial stems from a decision by New York’s highest court in April, which ruled that Weinstein’s earlier conviction was flawed due to the inclusion of testimony from too many women about incidents unrelated to the case.
Weinstein’s defence team, led by lawyer Arthur Aidala, accused the prosecution of delaying tactics in preparing for the retrial while emphasising Weinstein’s health issues, which include fluid in his heart and lungs, spinal stenosis, macular degeneration, and severe diabetes.
Weinstein, who was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair, remains in custody due to a separate sexual assault conviction in Los Angeles, for which he is serving a 16-year sentence.
His extradition to California has been rejected as he prepares to defend against new allegations in New York.
Jennifer Bonjean, Weinstein’s attorney handling his California appeal, expressed confidence despite the legal setbacks, stating, “There is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel” for her client.
Variety confirmed that the next hearing in Weinstein’s case is scheduled for July 19.

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