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Holi Re Rasiya’s Fresh Rendition Elevates The Spirited Artistry Of Maithili Thakur, Seedhe Maut And Ravi Kishan | Music News

New Delhi: After the success of first season, Coke Studio Bharat returns with Season 2, featuring an exciting line-up of artists and memorable tracks to celebrate the rich roots of Bharat. In its pursuit to amplify the global success achieved in the inaugural session, Coke Studio Bharat is primed to enrich #ApnaSunao with a fresh infusion of visual storytelling in Season 2. As Holi approaches, Coke Studio Bharat continues its tradition of delivering vibrant celebrations with the revival of Holi Re Rasiya. 

This track, originally launched last year, has been given a new lease of life, embodying the spirit of unity, community, and the essence of a safe and consent-first Holi celebration. The song features Maithili Thakur & Seedhe Maut and builds upon the success of its previous Holi hit,  capturing the spirit of the festival of colors.


Following the electrifying debut of Magic by Diljit Dosanjh and The Quick Style, anticipation is building for the next track of the season. In its second season, Coke Studio Bharat is set to redefine the cultural essence of Holi, injecting a breath of fresh air into the celebrated track, Holi Re Rasiya, by giving it a cool new visual identity and contemporary vibes while staying true to its thematic core. With a keen eye on infusing a youthful twist, this track resonates seamlessly with the Gen Z audience, seamlessly blending traditional melodies with a cutting-edge soundscape. 

Maithili Thakur’s soulful rendition infuses the traditional tunes with renewed vigor, staying true to her cultural roots. Seedhe Maut takes center stage with dynamic rap verses, resonating with the vibrant spirit of the Gen Z audience. This track exudes an essence of joy and inclusivity through a unique collaboration with the creator community. 

The platform brings in insights from creators such as Sonal Devraj, Saransh Golia, Saloni Gaur, and Kashika Sisodia, each lending their distinctive touch to various facets of the song, be it dance, food, comedy, or lifestyle. These collaborative efforts not only infuse diverse nuances but also elevate the cultural narrative, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic rendition of the iconic song. The final composition beautifully captures the essence of the festival, portraying its colorful splendor in an enriched and culturally resonant manner. 

Watch the song here: 

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