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Home cook threatens to kill Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali, daughter Tara is harassing actress for fear – mahhi vij and jay bhanushali cook threatens to stab them

A shocking incident has taken place with Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij, one of the popular couple on TV. The temporary cook, who is currently kept at Mahi VJ’s house, tweeted some threatening insults and messages, which he later deleted. When our collaborator Itimes TV contacted the actress she spoke openly about the whole incident. The cook, who was kept in the house, saw Aya stealing and was warned, Mahi said. Kapal had lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police on June 30 about the whole incident and the accused was immediately nabbed.

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The cook threatened Mahi Vij
It had been three days since he had kept the cook at home and he had been warned after learning that he was stealing. I was waiting for Jay to report. When Jay came he wanted to settle the payment but the cook demanded a full month’s salary, when Jay tried to find out the reason he said ‘I will bring 200 Biharis and raise them’. He drank and started swearing at us. We went to the police. I don’t care what happens, but I was scared for my daughter Tara. ‘

The person was calling and saying abusive words: Mahi Vij
He further said that the person kept calling him and using bad language. “He kept calling whenever we went to the police station. I have all the recordings. It’s scary to see everything happening everywhere. What if he kills me? If anything happened to me people would protest later. What does that mean then? I am scared of my family’s safety. I heard he would be out on bail. What will happen if he really brings his men and targets us after we get out of jail? ‘, He added.

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Fear is harassing Mahi Vij with daughter Tara
In a deleted tweet, Mahi VJ wrote, “I am scared about my daughter and my life. The police and Jay caught the cook and are now leaving us on bail to kill us. Take out the front after you die. He said in public, “I will kill you with a paddle.”

Mahi Vijay was hired by the cook on the recommendation of a friend

Mahi said he got the cook on the recommendation of a friend and requested him to keep working for his family. ‘He demanded payment that was out of our budget, then he agreed to pay whatever we pay. He has family and children, he said. Didn’t know he would do something like that ‘.

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