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‘I am a beggar, give me a job’, Nia Sharma has been sitting for the last two years.

Actress Nia Sharma started her acting career in 2010. Nia became a top TV actress by starring in serials like ‘Ek Hazaro Mein Meri Bahena Hai’, ‘Jamai Raja’, ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’, ‘Nagin 4’. But Nia Sharma has been away from acting for the last two years. Fans are eagerly awaiting his comeback. Nia was last seen in the TV show ‘Nagin 4’. After which he worked on a music video and a web series. Nia Sharma has talked about why she has distanced herself from acting and how she is having difficulty in getting an offer.

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Nia Sharma is currently discussing the music video ‘Heran’. “A lot of people think he’s taken a break from acting,” Nia said in an interview during the promotion of the music video. But not so. Nia said, “We are not among those who take a break. I am not in that position at the moment. I am a beggar right now who wants work, wants money. I can never say I want a break. I will never need a break in life. .I want work. “

However, Nia also says that she wants to work on a good project and is willing to wait for it. This wait can be as long as six months, sometimes as long as four years. Which is unfortunate. Sometimes this is what makes Nia sad.

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Nia revealed that she has not auditioned in a long time. “I feel like I’ve had a break. I haven’t auditioned for a long time. Whenever I get a call for an offer, they ask for money and then they don’t call again. Audition is a thing of the past. The day I get the big offer, I will accept it. “

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