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Film – IB71
Director – Sankalp Reddy
Actors – Vidyut Jamwal, Anupam Kher, Vishal Jethwa
Critic Rating – 2.5/5

The film ‘IB 71’ is the story of a sensational intelligence mission carried out by Indian intelligence agencies on Pakistani soil in the year 1971. After losing two wars to India in 1948 and 1965, Pakistan wants to give a big blow to India this time. Special preparations have been made with China for this. India has deployed its army on the West Pakistan border, but what is the situation on the East Pakistan border? While Pakistan is trying to shock India from there. Intelligence agent Dev Jamwal (Vidyut Jamwal) suggests a very dangerous plan to India’s intelligence chief NS Awasthi (Anupam Kher) to deal with Pakistan, but India has no choice but to do so in the current situation. Was India successful in its intelligence mission? You have to go to the theater and watch the movie to know this.


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The director of the film ‘IB 71’, Sankalp Reddy, has previously made a strong film like ‘Ghazi Attack’. But unfortunately this time he could not show the same strength as before. He tried to make a film on a thriller spy mission, but due to a weak story and screenplay, it could not leave much of an impact. The story of the film is written by Aditya Shastri, in which all the flaws are visible. Before the interval, Sankalp tries to explain the sequence of events, but in the second half, several such ridiculous incidents take place on Pakistani soil, leaving the audience to wonder if intelligence missions are really carried out so easily. The climax of the film is also not that strong.
Web Series Review – DahadVidyut Jamwal has done a decent job in the film. Anupam Kher is engrossed in his role as always, while Vishal Jethwa and Ashwath Bhatt breathe life into their roles. The rest of the cast has also done a good job. Set in the backdrop of war, the film has an excellent background score and cinematography that will surely impress you. The editing of this film of only two hours is also crisp. If Sankalp had worked a little more on the story and screenplay of the film, he could have made a great film.

Why watch this movie? – If you are fond of patriotic movies, you can watch this movie in theaters. Otherwise wait for it to come on OTT.

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