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In real life, ‘Anupama’ has got married in a matter of hours, in a humorous way, in a matter of minutes – rupali ganguly says her marriage was super quick and hilarious

Anupamaa is one of the most watched serials on Indian television right now. Anuj and Anupama have recently got married in this show. Fans have been waiting for ‘MaAn’s’ wedding for a long time and it is finally over. Actress Rupali Ganguly, who played an incomparable role in the serial, looked very beautiful as a bride. Her groom i.e. Anuj Kapadia (actor Gaurav Khanna) also looked very handsome. In the serial, Anuj-Anupama’s marriage has ended like a beautiful dream, but in real life, when Rupali Ganguly got married, there was tension, confusion, running and a lot of humor. In a recent interview, Rupali talks about Anuj-Anupama’s marriage and her real life wedding.
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Talking about ‘MaAn’s’ wedding, Rupali said in an interview with our associate Itimes TV: Weddings are known to feature in serials but because of the storyline our wedding was shown in a simple yet excellent way. I am happy that producer Rajan Shahi gave me this opportunity. That we have received so much love and affection. “

Rupali has become the bride for the third time on TV. Earlier in the same show, Vanraj (actor Sudhanshu Pandey) and Anupama were remarried after 25 years of marriage. At that time Rupali became the bride. Apart from this, Rupali has also become a bride in the TV serial ‘Sanjeevani’. He said, “Both times I’ve been a bride for a very short time. The bridal getup episode ‘MaAn’ has gone a long way in marriage. Personally I like small and simple weddings. Years ago my own wedding was very quick and simple. . “

Rupali Ganguly in real life corporate professional Ashwin K. Married to Verma. Rupali and Ashwin were married in February 2013 at Rupali’s parents’ home in Worli. Chewing on her original wedding, Rupali said, “Two days before the wedding we decided that we should get married. I also told my parents about this. My brother Vijay Ganguly (Bollywood choreographer) was going out of Mumbai so I canceled his flight too. We set a date and I hoped Ashwin would come on time. We were planning to register the marriage at our Worli home but my father (film director Anil Ganguly) insisted on donating so we called Pandit. I asked one of my designer friends to wear a blue blouse with a red sari. We were waiting for Panditji till evening, “said Rupali.

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“On the day of the wedding, Ashwin broke into the entry lane and was fined by the police. The condition in which Ashwin reached my house was amusing. Panditji was late so he started chanting from the ground floor. Ashwin came wearing shirt and jeans, then bridesmaids and we wore garlands to each other. Within minutes, our wedding was over. They were super fast. I think that money should be used to spread happiness among the needy instead of getting married with fanfare. “

It may be mentioned that Ashwin and Rupali have been married for 9 years and the couple has a son named Rudransh.

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