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Janhvi Kapoor, cousin Sonam Kapoor has not met cousin Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja Son Vayu even though she has not gone to play, aunt Janhvi Kapoor, sister Sonam Kapoor – Janhvi Kapoor has not met cousin Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja son Vayu

Janhvi Kapoor is currently busy promoting her upcoming film Mili, which is slated to release in theaters on November 4. Not only that, her father Boney Kapoor, who is the producer of ‘Milli’, is also keen on the film. Jhanvi is so particular that she has not yet found time to go to uncle Anil Kapoor’s house and meet cousin Sonam Kapoor and Jiju Anand Ahuja’s son Vayu Kapoor Ahuja. Now in an interview with our associate ETimes, who does Vayu look like, mom or dad? Such a question was asked. Responding, the actress said, ‘To be honest, I have not met Vayu. I was busy shooting. I was traveling a lot. Apart from this, my health was also not good. So, I didn’t want to take the risk. I will go comfortably’.


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Aunt Jhanvi will go to meet Vayu when she gets time

Jhanvi Kapoor considers herself a responsible person and therefore feels it is imperative not to go near the newborn baby as she goes among many people to promote the film ‘Milli’. So, Boney Kapoor’s daughter Vayu and her parents want to ensure that they are not infected with Corona when they meet Sonam and Anand. Let it be known that on August 22, Sonam Kapoor gave birth to a son, whom she named Vayu. Her naming ceremony was also held at Sonam Kapoor’s house.

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The character of ‘Milli’ is considered challenging
With just four days left for the release of ‘Milli’, in the same interview he said, ‘It was challenging to play the character. The film is emotional. The story is about a girl, who has lost her mother and is taking care of her father’s health’.

Jhanvi Kapoor reacts to trolling
Jhanvi Kapoor is often trolled for one reason or another. On that he said that ‘I think everyone has become a favorite of trolls. No one deserves the kind of trolling that is happening. I think media portals are responsible for this. They highlight nasty and negative comments from trolls on their headlines. However, I have reached a stage in life where trolling doesn’t affect me. I only want people’s love’.

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