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Jawan Extended Cut Releases, Netizens Demand More of Ridhi Dogra’s Kaveri Amma | Movies News

New Delhi: The blockbuster hit Jawan has made its much-anticipated debut on the OTT platform, and the fever surrounding the film and its iconic characters remains as fervent as ever. Among the standout characters, Ridhi Dogra’s portrayal of Kaveri Aama has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, who continue to shower her with unwavering love and admiration.

With the release of the extended cut for Jawan on OTT, the fandom’s excitement has reached new heights. Social media platforms are abuzz with fans passionately advocating for more of Ridhi Dogra’s Kaveri Aama in the extended cut of the film. The character’s depth, charisma, and Ridhi’s outstanding performance have left an indelible mark, and fans are clamoring for an even greater presence in the extended version of the movie.



Fans take to social media and write: “#Jawan In parallel universe, Ridhi Dogra’s Kaveree Amma is seen teaching all the planning to Azad! Would love to see those someday “ Another writes “#Jawan Now they should also release a version where we could see more of Kaveree Amma! #ridhidogra” Another writes “Bhai Kaveree Amma kaha hai, was waiting ke extended cuts me Kaveree Amma aa jaye! @NetflixIndia #ridhidogra” A fan wrote “Yaar, wish it had more of Kaveree Amma! One character from the film I would love to see a spin off on #riddhidogra” Another writes “We want to see more of Kaveree Amma now! #ridhidohra”

Ridhi Dogra has enjoyed an exceptional year in her career in 2023. It started with Lakadbaggha’s release, Asur 2, Badtameez Dil, Mumbai Diaries 2, and Blockbuster Jawan, and is now gearing up for Tiger 3. 

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