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jubin nautiyal nikita dutta spotted for shoping: Nikita Dutta and Jubin Nautiyal were out shopping for a wedding? – jubin nautiyal and nikita dutta spotted for shopping at designer store in mumbai

Nowadays, the affair between singer Jubin Nautiyal and actress Nikita Dutta is being hotly debated. There are also reports that the couple will tie the knot soon. Jubin Notial and Nikita Dutta were spotted together a few days ago. After that, the discussion of their affair gained momentum. However, Jubin Notial declined to comment on the affair with Nikita Dutta. Jubin Nautiyal only replied that if he said anything, it would become gossip. That’s why he doesn’t want to be part of the gossip. Then Nikita Dutta and Jubin Notial were seen together once again.

Jubin Notial and Nikita Dutta were recently spotted shopping at a designer store in Mumbai. The paparazzi noticed that Nikita Dutta was avoiding posing. While Jubin Notial posed with a smiling face.


The family was interviewed
Recently, there were reports that Jubin Notial and Nikita Dutta’s family had visited each other. Then there were rumors that Jubin and Nikita would get married soon. But when Zubin was asked about the marriage, he refused to answer.

Jubin said this on the subject of marriage
“Nikita and I do not want to comment on this issue,” Jubin Notial told our correspondent Bombay Times. I have known her since Nikita was working on the TV show Ek Dooze Ke Vaste. I sang a song for this show. After that Nikita got to know him well. “I don’t want to talk about whether they’re dating or not,” Zubin said. If I talk about it, it will be an issue. That’s why Nikita and I don’t want to be part of any gossip.


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