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Kajol Clarifies Her Remark About ‘Visionless Politicians’ After Getting Massive Backlash | People News

Mumbai: Kajol issued a clarification after receiving backlash for her recent comment on political leaders during an interview. In an interview during the promotion of her upcoming courtroom drama ‘The Trial,’ she said that there are political leaders who don’t have an educational background. Kajol took to her Twitter handle to clarify her intentions.

She tweeted, “I was merely making a point about education and its importance. My intention was not to demean any political leaders, we have some great leaders who are guiding the country on the right path.”

Earlier she said in an interview, “Change, especially in a country like India, is slow. It is very very slow. Because we are steeped in our traditions and steeped in our thought processes and, of course, it has to do with education .”


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She added, “You have political leaders who do not have an educational system background. I’m sorry but I’m going to go out and say that. I’m being ruled by leaders, so many of them, who do not have that viewpoint, which I think education does give you, at least the chance to look out for a different viewpoint.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Kajol was last seen in Netflix’s ‘Lust Stories 2.’ She will be seen headlining a new web series titled ‘The Trial – Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhoka’.

It is a gritty courtroom drama that unravels the moral dilemmas that drive Noyonika to take charge of her family and her independence. Driven to prove herself in the competitive world of law and navigating her way through complicated relationships while seeking justice for her husband, Noyonika treads through tough challenges served by her fate.

Talking about the show, Kajol said, “The complexities are what defines a character to me and the layers surrounding Noyonika are what spoke to me when this role first came over. Noyonika felt personal, I instantly felt protective about her and that reaffirmed my faith.” in choosing The Trial – Pyaar, Kanoon, Dhoka on Disney+ Hotstar to be my first step into the long format. Suparn Varma has built a world where the vulnerability of characters meets the cruel situations posed by life. The audience will feel for and feel one with Noyonika as she makes difficult choices because I did.”

Suparn S Varma has helmed the show, which is slated to release on Disney+ Hotstar on July 14.

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