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kantara, ‘Kantara’ set a record of selling 1 crore tickets, earned how many crores in 41 days? – Kantara still going strong with 1 cr tickets sold in karnataka

The Kannada film ‘Kantara’ is currently making waves across the country. The film has collected more than 276.56 crore rupees in the country. Now ‘Kantara’ has set a brand new record. ‘Kantara’ has set a record of selling 1 crore tickets in Karnataka. The film ‘Kantara’, made on a budget of only Rs 16 crore, has earned Rs 151.80 crore in 41 days only in its Kannada version. While the worldwide earnings of ‘Kantara’ have become more than 353 crore rupees. ‘Kantara’ has collected Rs 68.5 crore in 27 days in its Hindi version.

Rishabh Shetty of ‘Kantara’ fame, who sometimes sold water bottles, became a superstar after 18 years of struggle

The Kannada film ‘Kantara’ is currently making waves across the country. The writer-actor-director of this film is Rishab Shetty. Few people would realize that Rishabh Shetty had to struggle for 18 years before achieving success. Rishabh Shetty wanted to become an actor so he started his career with plays. During his college days when Rishabh Shetty didn’t have much money, he used to do odd jobs along with his studies. At that time, Rishabh Shetty also worked in the field of real estate, including selling water bottles. He also worked in a hotel for some time. Simultaneously, Rishabh Shetty was also trying to get work in films.

According to Rishabh Shetty, he always wanted to be an actor. But, when he entered the Kannada film industry, he realized that he had no film background and no recognition, so how would he get a chance to act? Then gradually Rishabh Shetty worked as an assistant director and ventured into directing along with acting.

Along with acting in ‘Kantara’, Rishabh Shetty has also directed it and written its story. ‘Kantara’ has done well in every language and is still working its magic at the box office. Rishabh Shetty is extremely happy with the success of the film. Recently, in an interview given to our associate ETimes TV, Rishabh has said that he does not want a Hindi remake of ‘Kantara’ to be made. Rishabh was asked that, when this film has been dubbed in Hindi, is there a possibility of making a remake in Hindi? If a Hindi remake is made, which actor can play which character?

Responding, Rishabh Shetty said, “Hindi remakes will not happen. To play a character like this, you need to believe in your roots and culture. There are many big actors in the Hindi film industry whom I admire a lot. But I don’t want ‘Kantara’ to be done. ‘ will be remade because I don’t like remakes.”

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