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Karan Mehra claims estranged wife Nisha Rawal has extra marital affair with brother Rohit Sethia.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Karan Mehra held a press conference on Thursday and made some shocking allegations against estranged wife Nisha Rawal, her friends and family members. The former couple filed for divorce last year and are embroiled in a legal battle for custody of son Kavish. On Thursday, Karan Mehra narrated his party’s story and how he became a victim of the conspiracy. ‘Rohit Sethia, Lakshmi Rawat, Rohit K Verma, Munisha Khachwani… I feel bad for them but I can’t do much. I have to tell the truth. The Nishan family has been watching all this for the past one year. We are not children, everything is visible and has become public. Rohit K Verma is actually a witness to the first case of infidelity,” said Karan Mehra.

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‘Nisha is having an affair with her Rakhi brother Rohit Sethia’
Karan Mehra also said that Nisha Rawal is having an affair with a man who is her brother. He added that Nishan had a brother-sister relationship with Rohit Sethia, but now they are having an affair. ‘On the one hand there is brother-sister relationship, on the other hand you are doing kanyadan. Nisha Rawal is in a relationship with Rohit Sethia, who performed her wedding. I could not say this before, all this happened to me last year. If I had said then, everyone would have known that he had accused his wife. It has taken 14 months to collate all the allegations’.

‘Sibling relations are sacred, but in Nisha’s case…’
‘Rohit has been living with Nisha in my house for the past 14 months. The sign is also with Ma. It is said that brother-sister relations are sacred. But in Nisha’s case it is just a joke. Nisha has falsely accused me. You may remember that he admitted his 2015-16 affair on the Lockup show. That affair is different and this one is different. When someone says, they are brothers and sisters then what proof will you give. When Nisha held a press conference on June 1, she should have told about her affair too, but she didn’t. Karan Mehra said that if he was getting money in the lockup, he told the truth.

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‘Nisha Rawal has grabbed everything and is sitting comfortably’
The YRKKH fame actor went on to say ‘I have a house, a business, money invested in each, hard work too. She is sitting quietly grabbing everything. Rohit Sethia drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes, even eats gutkha, to which my five-year-old son Kavish reacts. So I want Kavish and I want him to be with me. Rohit also has a 7-year-old daughter, a wife. What future are we giving them all? I was also receiving several calls. Once in a late night phone call I was told, ‘Finish the case, otherwise the outcome will not be good. I told the police about this through email.”

‘I was accused of stealing my car’
Karan Mehra said, ‘No matter how many complaints have been made. It is using potital pressure. Nisha has also threatened my witness and we have filed that report in Goregaon police station. Nisha and Rohit also went to IDBI Bank, Andheri East where we had housing loan, a senior officer was threatened there, 25 people were present there. There must be some reason behind it. Statements of IDBI officials have also been recorded and deposited in the police station. I also received death threats. Nisha and Rohit have disappeared my car and then said, Karan stole the car, meaning I stole my car. We went to the police station, filed a report and found the car outside Rohit’s sister’s building. Rohit even refused to give the key.

‘The video of me being beaten was taken down, why wasn’t it shown?’
“In May, Nisha Rawal, Rohit Sethia and Lakshmi Rawat hatched a conspiracy against me and false cases were filed against me. Kicked me out of the house on false allegations and assaulted me. I was recovering from covid-19, I was sleeping when they came in. While they were killing me, Lakshmi took the video to find out if I was reacting or not. But I did not strike in defense. Why didn’t that video come out? Nisha beat me on the pretext of being Nishan’s brother’. It may be mentioned that last year, Nisha Rawal filed a domestic violence complaint against Karan and also alleged an extramarital affair.

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