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Karan Mehra thanked Kashmera Shah for revealing the truth about Nisha Rawal, said ‘I will always be indebted’ – karan mehra expressed gratitude for kashmera shah as she extended her support

Karan Mehra, who became a household name after playing the role of moralist for about seven-eight years in the serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, is currently stuck in his own domestic quarrel. The dispute between him and Nisha Rawal has been going on for about one and a half years, which was quiet for a long time and now it has flared up again. Earlier this month, the actor held a press conference and made several serious allegations against Nisha Rawal, who is separated with son Kavish. He also said that the person who performed his bride in the wedding and to whom he tied the rakhi has a cross-relationship with Rohit Sethia, not only that the two have been living together in the actor’s rented house for the past 14 months, where Nishana’s mom is also with him. About two days ago, Kashmira Shah, who is Karan and Nisha’s friend, made some revelations and took the actor’s side. Karan has thanked him for this.

After knowing that Rohit Sethia was having an affair with Nisha Rawal, his wife Nidhi came to Mumbai, then it became a sight to behold!

Karan Mehra got Kashmira Shah’s support
The thing is, in an interview given to our associate ETimes TV, Nisha Rawal said, ‘Nisha called me one day and said that nothing was right. Then a few days later, Rohit Verma got a call at 12:30 in the night and said that Karan had a fight with Nisha. Karan can’t kill mosquitoes, so how can he do this. After the incident I went to his house and the scene I saw was terrible. Police were present there. Nisha was calm and Rohit was angry. Just then a man came there and asked me why. The man identified himself as Rohit Sethia. He said, Karan took Nisha into the room, closed the door and banged her head against the wall. I asked him, had he seen this? Then he replied ‘yes’. I asked him that if the door was closed, how did he see it? That’s when I smelled something amiss’.

Nisha Rawal’s Lafaro with the one who ties Rakhi! Karan has been living in Mehra’s house for 14 months!’

Karan Mehra thanked Kashmira Shah
Karan Mehra shared a screenshot of Kashmira Shah’s interview and wrote ‘I have no words to thank you. You are standing with my family and me. I will always be grateful and indebted to you for this’.

Kashmira Shah’s sarcasm on Nisha Rawal
Kashmira Shah said, Karan Mehra can never be violent. The actor asked him to support him, so he is ready to support him. He also took a dig at Nisha Rawal. She said, if she was not an actress, she would have become a lawyer because she told her story well in the lock-up show.

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