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KBC 14: Kavita Chawla wants to spend one crore rupees on son, Ranj cannot not answer the question of 7.5 crores – kaun banega crorepati 14 first crorepati kavita chawla wants to spend money for son

Kolhapur housewife Kavita Chawla became a millionaire in the first season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 14’ by winning Rs 1 crore. After winning Rs 1 crore, he also tried to answer the Rs 7.5 crore question, but could not win. He is satisfied and proud of his achievement. Expressing his happiness, he said that ‘I am very happy that I could reach there. My father as well as my son Vivek were with me in Mumbai and we didn’t inform anyone till the episode went on air because we wanted to surprise everyone. I only tell myself that the question of 7.5 crores was not for me, it was not in my destiny’.

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Kavita Chawla wanted to be a part of KBC since 2000
Despite studying only up to class 12, Kavita Chawla maintained her interest in reading and learning. He said that the reason behind doing that was KBC (KBC 14). I wanted to be a part of this show since 2000. Last year also I appeared in the show but only the fastest finger could reach the first round. This year I fulfilled my dream by reaching the hotseat. While teaching my son, I also used to learn with him’. Asked what to do with Rs 1 crore, Kavita Chawla said ‘Now that I have won this amount, I want to send my son Vivek abroad for higher studies’.

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People were taunting people for not being selected last year
In an interview, Kavita Chawla said that when she was eliminated from the Fastest Finger round last year, people had taunted her a lot. He said, ‘Last year I was devastated when I couldn’t make it to the hotseat. I sat on the seat and bowed my head and cried. At that time Amitabh Bachchan sir came to me and asked me not to be depressed. Even the family members were disappointed and some said ‘became a millionaire?” Apart from this, while praising Amitabh Bachchan, he said that ‘I have never seen a personality like him. His behavior alone makes one feel comfortable that he doesn’t need to say anything’.

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