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Koffee With Karan 8: Saif Ali Khan OPENS UP on Marriage And Divorce With Amrita Singh, Mother Sharmila Tagore SAID This | People News

New Delhi: Karan Johar is back this week with the much-awaited Bollywood’s royalty – Sharmila Tagore and Saif Ali Khan. While brewing coffee and conversations, ‘The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ director talked about Saif’s spontaneous marriage to his ex-wife, Amrita Singh. Back then, Saif’s marriage at 20 indeed took the indutry by a storm. 

Sharmila Tagore recalled, “Actually, I was visiting Mumbai for something, so Saif came to meet me and said, ‘I’ve something to tell you.’ And then he told me. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing, but I was quiet, and he says, ‘Amma, your color is changing. You’re looking different.’ I said, ‘We’ll talk about it later.’ After he left, I rang up Tiger (Saif’s father). There was also a long silence on that part. Then we left it at that.” She continued, “The next day I called him and said, ‘I’d like to meet her.’ We had tea. We chatted. I liked her, but still, quite shocked.”


In an another emotional incident, Saif recalled that a tear fell from her eyes when he broke the news to her. She expressed feeling hurt, saying, “You have really hurt me.” On marrying so young, Saif said,  “You know, it was kind of like running away from home, in a sense. There were so many things going on, and I found a kind of security and an idea that this is safe. And it feels great. I thought, you know, I could make a home out of that.”

In an another interesting incident, it came to the fore that veteran actress Sharmila Tagore was Karan Johar’s first choice for RRKPK. Shedding light on why she declined the offer, the actress said, “This is at the height of Covid. They hadn’t really grappled with Covid at that time. They didn’t know the vaccine… We were not vaccinated. You know, after my cancer. So, they didn’t want me to take that risk.”




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